Real Out of Body Experiences?

Great post by The Epoch Times:

Ghost on Tape!


ghost on tape

Thanks to Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters for posting this on his FB page.

Drive-Thru at the Funeral Home!

Affordable Cremations

Where I live, we have a crematorium with exclusive parking. I wondered, “Who gets the cars?”

But now there is a growing trend in viewing your deceased loved one through a drive-thru window! And not just for celebs who don’t want to be seen. Check it out!

New in Ghost Television

angels au

On Sunday, TLC premiered Angels Among Us right after Long Island Medium. Same kind of show with a different personality. I thought, well, Rosie’s not as loud as Theresa. Then they showed her at a party with her family, where she burst that bubble. This lady appears to think that every dead person is a guardian angel.

Stop and think about some of the people you don’t like, family or not. Now imagine them as guardian angels. Yeah.

I found this NY Times review, that included one of Ghost Asylum, that I wasn’t planning on watching. Why? I saw the teaser and it mentioned “capturing” ghosts – like Ghostbusters. Come on!

It’s rare that I agree with another reviewer, but in this case, we are aligned. Check it out:

Do You Believe in Past Lives?

Kit Carson

I just discovered Ghost Inside My Child on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network). It’s now in Season Two.

Each episode chronicles two separate children who, at a very young age, reported details of experiences of having been a different person.

Three in particular stood out as they were notable people and events in history, and easily researched.

The first young boy’s behavior from birth would have driven any parent mad. Every night he woke up screaming from nightmares in which he saw people burning. The only sleep the family could get was whenever he slept. Eventually the boy said his name was Kit and that he’d killed an Indian named Four Seas and burned many more. He was terribly depressed and remorseful over this. He became particularly distraught after visiting the site near the Trail of Tears. After his mother did some digging, she found that Kit Carson had been assigned to eliminate Indians for the white man. Those that were moved went on “The Long Walk” where many perished. A child under five would not have known such specific details.

A little girl, again under five, had a meltdown every time her mother tried to leave to go do errands. The child feared that her mother wouldn’t return. The family had no idea where this behavior might have come from and took her to a therapist. Nothing they tried changed the behavior. Gradually the child share details of having another mother, traveling by horse and wagon, taking care of many children, living with Indians – some bad, some good. Her mother found a woman named Olive Oatman had been taken hostage by a group of marauding Indians who murdered her family and burned their wagons. They treated her terribly. Eventually Olive was traded to another nation of Indians who treated her well, and let her care for many children. She had a tattoo on her chin marking her as being accepted into their tribe. When this little girl was shown a photograph of Olive Oatman with tattoo she responded, “That’s me.”

Olive Oatman

A third young girl had an unexplainable fear of flying. She spoke of a plane hitting a building. Her mother had been six months pregnant with her when 9/11 occurred. When Mom asked her daughter if she remembered which building the plane hit, the girl said The Empire State building. The child’s taste in clothing seemed to be from another era as well, and she had memories of being a secretary, possibly named Anna. When Mom went looking for data, she was shocked to find that a plane had indeed hit The Empire State building, in 1945. There was no memorial for the event, but records revealed that ten women were killed, most of them secretaries. And there was one Anna. After visiting the building and reading the data, the girl was content to believe she had been this woman in a past life, and was able to let go of her fear of flying.

Having been a hypnotherapist, I’m fascinated by the concept of past lives. This may be the best explanation for child genius. And if a person’s subconscious mind accepts that their fear was generated from a life they no longer have to live, it can vanish like smoke. I worked with many people who had knowledge of places and people in other time periods. Believing in a past life can be healing and transformative. But as a born skeptic, I still wonder if we only have part of the answer. A part of me still wonders if our consciousness taps into the “all that is” energy and melds into someone else’s experience and memory. Can we actually say that we lived before? Or does our mind choose to connect with a specific person’s consciousness in the great unknown?

Brian Weiss’s book Many Lives, Many Masters presented a compelling argument for reincarnation. His book Only Love is Real is still one of my favorite love stories.

Do you believe you’ve lived before?

The Sailing Stones of Death Valley


Although this mystery has been solved, I’d never heard of this before.

Originally posted on Renae Rude - The Paranormalist:

Paranormal Deck of Cards – Eight of Mysteries

pdoc 8 of mysteries josh filter

The Sailing Stones of Death Valley

When I was formulating the idea for this PDOC series, I began by creating a list of 52+ potential topics which intrigue me. Then I divided them into four categories: creatures, psychopaths, haunts and mysteries.

I’m still trying to fill out the list of haunts that I want to explore, but I had no trouble immediately coming up with (more than) 13 mysteries. I always knew that the mysteries suit would be my catch-all for things that didn’t fit neatly into any of the other categories. I also knew it was likely to be my favorite suit. I am fascinated by odd occurrences, strange places and perplexing objects.

In my initial brainstorming stage, one of the first things I jotted down was the Sailing Stone of Death Valley. At the time, I did not expect the phenomena would be definitively explained before I…

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Where Do Your Beliefs Originate?

shadows-5-600x600 (Image by D?nito)

“I’m afraid to go to sleep.”

“Why?” I asked the young woman who seemed genuinely upset about hearing and seeing things she couldn’t explain.

“I watched this show where a family was tormented by an evil entity, and I had a psychic tell me that I attract that kind of stuff.”
“And where do your beliefs on evil entities come from?”
She shrugged.

“Do you have a specific spiritual practice?”

“No. I had a really strict Christian upbringing where everything was going to send me straight to hell, but I fell far away from religion.”

“So where does your knowledge of evil entities come from?”
“TV and movies, I guess.”


That was just a sliver of the conversation. She relaxed a little when I reminded her that most of what was scripted in television and movies came from creative minds with a vested interest in scaring the pecan stuffing out of viewers. Entertainment is primarily fictional. Even if the story has some basis in fact, nothing paranormal can be proven with any physical evidence. And with entertainment being a marketing industry that benefits from promoting the sale of goods and services, an educated consumer does his/her research before blindly buying into any suggestions.

Everyone loves a ghost story. But how many cases are from evil entities?

There have been many ghost hunting programs that claim to be as authentic as they are intriguing, but use common sense when viewing. Some groups go into an investigation assuming a haunting. Others go in assuming a logical explanation. Let’s face it. You can’t sneeze without hitting an acre of land that someone hasn’t died on or been buried near. But not everyone’s home is built over a battleground or ancient burial site.

I’ve had a number of experiences, still I hesitate to label them as anything more that authentic to me, questioning their reality until a recurrence. But I’m one who must have the experience myself to fully believe anything. I’m dying for someone to bring back physical evidence of Bigfoot. Unless I have my own encounter, or someone drags home a body, I’ll remain a skeptic with a healthy curiosity.

As my conversation continued with young woman above, I suggested she learn as much as possible on psychic protection, since she believes she has abilities. Once she feels safe, she can explore the existence of evil entities. If she doesn’t, she should steer clear of things that frighten her, remaining curious, but not gullible. At least until she has her own personal encounter.

Don’t believe everything you see on screen or read. Be smart and make your own inquiries. Watch movies and television with an open mind, but allow your gut to weigh in as well. And remind yourself that being on television doesn’t automatically qualify a person as an expert.

Note: A reputable psychic would not deliver such information without further explaining to the querent how to proactively protect themselves. A great many disreputable psychics will ask for money (usually a sizable amount) to rid the person of their evil entity problem. Run from those. Run far. Run fast.

importantly, ask yourself where your beliefs came from. If they originate from the entertainment industry, remind yourself that the industry is designed to provoke emotion. If something you watched frightened you, they did their job well. Even if those beliefs came from your religious upbringing, you have Free Will to question everything and decide for yourself what rings true to you. Reserve the right to trust your own judgment.

As with buying a car or a computer, do your own research before buying. And you always reserve the right to change your mind.

Losing Robin Williams—The Dark Side of Those Who Make Us Laugh


This comes from a writer’s blog, but the content is extremely important.

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.14.54 PM

Suicide. It’s a topic that’s been on most of our minds as of late. I was BROKEN when I found out about Robin Williams. It’s like this bright shining star just snuffed out, leaving only a black hole of crushing emptiness behind. I feel terrible for taking him for granted, selfishly assuming he’d always be around.

I haven’t yet cried because I’m afraid I might not stop. My fondest childhood memories involve Mork & Mindy. Growing up, I’d watch Williams’ comedic acts over and over and over, studying his timing and how he could do what he did, because to me? It was MAGIC. In fact, I can honestly say he was my earliest mentor. I learned to laugh and make others laugh, and, since home and school were living nightmares, laughter was my lifeline.

I’m no expert aside from having suicide issues in the family. Also, years ago, I…

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Spirit Box Pioneer’s Passing

I can’t say that I’ve ever been a fan of The Spirit Box. I never trusted it. But it is a tool used by many paranormal investigators, and anyone who is the first to do anything deserves a nod.


Thanks to Huff Paranormal for this report.

Depression is Killer

R. Jeni
Richard Jeni, who took his own life in 2007.

In the wake of Robin Williams’ death, speculated to be suicide from depression, I got thinking about other comedians who have done the same or battled demons. Jim Carrey has publicly talked about his own challenges. I thought I’d pass along the recent offering from The Washington Post, because depression can sometimes be a very serious clinical condition that needs more help than the garden variety blues. Read the rest of this entry


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