Caveman’s Creation

In Santa Fe, NM there is a modern day caveman creating his art for the experience of creating. A documentary was made, an nominated for an Oscar, in 2013.

cave digger

Here’s the video:

Spooky Places in the US

house in aspen

Sharing the haunts this holiday season. When I get the chance to travel, I love to stay in a haunted place. I even got married in a haunted hotel in St. Augustine.

Giants. In Wisconsin?


See for yourself:

The Passing of Pugsley

Addams kids

Ken Weatherwax, the original Pugsley, passed away. Many blessings to him.

Paranormal Animals

goblin shark

This is a goblin shark. One of many para-normal animals crawling and swimming around our planet.

See others without buying a ticket to the freak show by clicking on the link.

Fixer Upper for Christmas

Scottish Castle

For those who have more disposable income than they know what to do with…

$780K and it’s not even haunted? How much fun would a spiritless castle be?

Kids with Past Life Memories

I’ve written about the show Ghost Inside My Child previously. I’m fascinated, yet wonder how much of it is coached by parents for the television show. But the next report talks about a study done showing 80% of the subjects could trace the information provided by the child to a deceased person with no connection to the family.


(Image by Sandra Ingool)

Glass Ceiling?

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, take comfort that you are surrounded by a newly discovered shield that you can’t see. How paranormal is that?

glass ceiling

How the Soul Works . . .


I’m not sure if this is news, but I loved the description of what happens when we die. Check it out:

Gloom, Despair, and Agony

Hee Haw guys

The paranormal world is one big question mark most of the time. Search and discovery is part of the allure. But lately it feels like the normal world is an even bigger mystery to me. No one has all the answers, but it’s really hard to see a loved one suffer, but not be able to help. Any suggestions or ideas fall on deaf ears when a troubled soul is wallowing in their own suffering. They fall into a pit of despair and can’t see their way out.

I’ve had my fair share of miserable times, and worked hard to climb out of them. But sometimes, people just don’t have it in them. Life has kicked them in the head a few too many times and they don’t have the strength to pull themselves up to go another round. They lose their equilibrium and can’t see light anywhere. It’s painful to watch. Even more painful when you try to be of service and end up doing or saying something to make it worse.

Some wear the Cloak of Misery as comfortably as they do their own skin.  No matter what kind of advice I offer, it is immediately rejected. The claiming is that they’ve already tried every option available without results. Everything said goes through an already clogged filter and translates to more sludge they have to wade through.

What can I do to help someone so bogged down in their own problems they’ve adopted it as their identity?

The only answer I have left is to allow them to be what they chose to be. If they chose to remain miserable and unyielding in their perspective, I am left to listen, sympathize, provide tissue to dry the tears, and nod about how cruel the world can be. Emotional support is all I have left in my tool box at the moment. And when part of your profession involves giving advice, that can be a jagged little pill to swallow.

But just because I counsel people doesn’t mean I have all the answers. No one does.  And I do believe in free will, which means the afflicted have the choice to change how they think and feel about their problems. Only they have the power to change, even when their circumstances remain the same. I often think of prisoners of war, trapped, without any way to change their situation. What keeps them going when they appear to have no hope? Perspective – how they chose to think and feel.

What goes on in our minds is proprietary. We are the guardians and emperors of our consciousness -rulers of our mental empires. We decide what to think and feel about our circumstances. And have the free will to accept or reject any advice offered. We choose.  We either sing that old Hee Haw song “Gloom, despair, and agony on me” or engage our minds with constructive and satisfying thoughts. I’m of the mind that I create my environment, so when the world kicks me when I’m down, I seek sanctuary in a nest of beauty, love, comfort, creativity, and escapism.

We all feel alone and unloved at some point. So self-love and care is essential.

So when a loved one chooses not to act on advice, the only thing I have left to offer is a shoulder to cry on. But over time, that can wear me down and make me feel like a welcome mat in a mud room, available only to scuff dirty shoes clean. Then I have resort to taking my own advice, doing everything possible to lift my own spirits.


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