Haunting: Australia


Has anyone seen this? I watched it for the first time this week. It features Robb Demarest from Ghost Hunters International as lead dog of a team compiled of psychics, mediums, and metaphysical experts to investigate one haunted location at a time. The difference between this and Ghost Hunters is scripting, (not to mention posing like bad-asses). Even Robb appears to be acting when he does outside commentary. The only authentic stuff is caught on room cameras when a team member is having an experience. I would like to hear more from the mediums and psychics on exactly what they are “seeing” or “feeling” – how they get their information specifically.

Most annoying to me is the narrator who tries to set the tone with a drawn out “spooky” voice. Please. There is far more talk than action in this show and I, for one, would like a major reboot.

If you want to see for yourself, you can catch it on Syfy on Wednesday nights, 10 PM. If you’re having insomnia, this show might be the sleep-aid you’ve been looking for.

Tomb Unearthed in France

celtic tomb

Do you think the spirit of the person buried for so long is disturbed now? I’ve heard stories of cemeteries being moved, or relocated for new construction becoming paranormally active and wondered how long someone needs to be interred before they are no longer offended by physical disturbance. Reports of energy attached to objects that create chaos, even illness, for the person who claimed possession of them are spooky. I think of this every time I find something unique in an antique or consignment shop. I never knew who owned it before, how deep their attachment was to it, or from where the object originated.

Would you bring home something you thought was buried in an ancient tomb?


Did Edison Believe in Spirit Communication?


According to this article Edison believed in an afterlife and the possibility of spirit communication. Probably was not a popular concept to openly express in his day.


Awesome Animated 17th Century Tour

I love realistic animation. And Pudding Lane Productions piece allows the art of six students to take you to tour  3D 17th century London as it was before the Great Fire of 1666. You’ll feel like the first person at the Renaissance Fair.

Click on the link:


Art Extends Life

view of venice

As if we needed a study to tell us that! It seems viewing beauty nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. Studies have shown that experiencing art, nature, and creativity improve emotional, mental, heart, and joint health.

Check out the article from the Huffington Post.


Divine Music Unearthed


Could this be the first or oldest “sheet” music ever found?

I think this is testament to how important the arts were to ancient civilizations. And it still is. The Oscars just happened on Sunday, honoring our favorite creatives in the entertainment industry.

But not everyone is inclined to be an artist or musician. If you believe that we co-create with the divine, creativity is essential to your spirit. You create with everything in your life whether that is a home, family, career, or empire.

If we aren’t creating, we are stagnant. So be sure to create the life you want. And remember to take time to enjoy it.

Priest Says He Met God, and She’s Female

Do you think God is male or female? Or does the energy appear differently to different people? Or was this priest having a deeply intense dream?

Does it matter? Or was Dan Brown onto something in The Da Vinci Code?

Check it out:



Guitar Builder’s Shop Burns

Steves fire

This is Steve Wishnevsky’s guitar shop. He took this photo himself while watching it burn early yesterday morning.

And I know how this feels.

In 2000, I lost my apartment building and everything I owned to fire. I was only thirty miles away, pet-sitting for a friend. Thankfully, I had my own dog with me. A friend who lived around the corner called to tell me not to come and watch, it was as good as gone. Instead of watching live, I saw it on the news a couple hours later as firemen were going in my front door. The loss was devastating, even life-altering, but survivable.

I had no money to replace things and no insurance. And neither does Steve.

I’ll always remember that smell of charred – everything. It’s very different than the scent of a fire fueled solely by wood, coal, rubber, or other flammable materials. And it’s one ‘ll never forget.

The next day I stepped through the rubble and ash in the same manner I would a decrepit burial ground, with reverence. I now store irreplaceable items in a fire safe because gone is gone. Physical things can be replaced, but intellectual property and paper cannot.

I’m acquainted with Steve as a member of Winston Salem Writers. He’s a history buff and great writer. His loss hurts my heart, not just out of empathy, but because my soon-to-be-released book is about guitar players. His guitars and other stringed instruments are pure works of art, created with deep love and appreciation. He will continue, as best he can. Because when a creative spirit is fueled by passion, no matter what obstacles may slow them down, nothing stops them.



You can help Steve at: http://www.gofundme.com/mmr1a4

Ancient Divination Tool

coptic codex

Check it out.


Poltergeist Reboot


I love Sam Rockwell. He says this reboot was shot from the little boy’s point of view, which I think will work much better. Creepy clowns abound!

Loved the French trailer.



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