Divine Music Unearthed


Could this be the first or oldest “sheet” music ever found?

I think this is testament to how important the arts were to ancient civilizations. And it still is. The Oscars just happened on Sunday, honoring our favorite creatives in the entertainment industry.

But not everyone is inclined to be an artist or musician. If you believe that we co-create with the divine, creativity is essential to your spirit. You create with everything in your life whether that is a home, family, career, or empire.

If we aren’t creating, we are stagnant. So be sure to create the life you want. And remember to take time to enjoy it.

Priest Says He Met God, and She’s Female

Do you think God is male or female? Or does the energy appear differently to different people? Or was this priest having a deeply intense dream?

Does it matter? Or was Dan Brown onto something in The Da Vinci Code?

Check it out:



Guitar Builder’s Shop Burns

Steves fire

This is Steve Wishnevsky’s guitar shop. He took this photo himself while watching it burn early yesterday morning.

And I know how this feels.

In 2000, I lost my apartment building and everything I owned to fire. I was only thirty miles away, pet-sitting for a friend. Thankfully, I had my own dog with me. A friend who lived around the corner called to tell me not to come and watch, it was as good as gone. Instead of watching live, I saw it on the news a couple hours later as firemen were going in my front door. The loss was devastating, even life-altering, but survivable.

I had no money to replace things and no insurance. And neither does Steve.

I’ll always remember that smell of charred – everything. It’s very different than the scent of a fire fueled solely by wood, coal, rubber, or other flammable materials. And it’s one ‘ll never forget.

The next day I stepped through the rubble and ash in the same manner I would a decrepit burial ground, with reverence. I now store irreplaceable items in a fire safe because gone is gone. Physical things can be replaced, but intellectual property and paper cannot.

I’m acquainted with Steve as a member of Winston Salem Writers. He’s a history buff and great writer. His loss hurts my heart, not just out of empathy, but because my soon-to-be-released book is about guitar players. His guitars and other stringed instruments are pure works of art, created with deep love and appreciation. He will continue, as best he can. Because when a creative spirit is fueled by passion, no matter what obstacles may slow them down, nothing stops them.



You can help Steve at: http://www.gofundme.com/mmr1a4

Ancient Divination Tool

coptic codex

Check it out.


Poltergeist Reboot


I love Sam Rockwell. He says this reboot was shot from the little boy’s point of view, which I think will work much better. Creepy clowns abound!

Loved the French trailer.


The Dark is a Loan Shark

Dear Dabbler,

Having trouble sleeping because the many demanding voices won’t let you? Having negative paranormal activity in your home? Getting touched, scratched, and physically harmed? Living your life in fear because you messed with forces you really don’t know enough about? (Yes, I heard someone use the word messing “to get what I wanted.”) Did you see something on television or in the movies that piqued your interest enough to try it yourself? Or did you think you were smart enough, tough enough, or fearless enough to handle whatever might occur? Did you even consider what kind of havoc you would be responsible for setting loose in the world?

That’s right. Those energies you called up are out there roaming around like wild animals.

Of course, accountability never crossed your mind. You were a Fool blinded by the promise of getting exactly what you wanted.

The dark is a loan shark. One that will offer anything your heart desires – with a stiff price to be paid.

Nobody told me about that!

Really? Would you have listened?

They are called lower energies for a reason. They don’t get what they want?  They take.

Imagine borrowing $5,000 from a loan shark. He wants $7,500 in return, by the end of the week. You don’t have it. What happens? Threats, then promises on those threats. If you don’t pay, he comes and takes whatever you have, hurting you, and whoever might be important to you. He doesn’t have the capacity to care about you or your problems. He doesn’t bargain. He doesn’t have a heart or a conscience. He is as emotionless at the Terminator. He’s got a job to do. You take from him, he takes from you.

Know this: Dabbling will do you in. Somewhere down the road, you will pay. The dark side doesn’t offer free samples or a money-back guarantee. Nothing is free.

On the flipside, the Light gives as unconditionally as the sun. It never promises material gain or physical pleasure. It only keeps the door of opportunity open for you to chase dreams or indulge in desires. As long as the sun rises every morning, you have another opportunity. It does not hand it to you on a silver platter with a conditional contract that you must sign and repay, with interest.

Perhaps this isn’t as tempting. It requires work and takes longer to get what you want, but it certainly seems more peaceful. You don’t have to worry about looking over your shoulder or laying your head down at night.

So unless you are prepared to suffer heavy losses, do not seek a loan shark. Seriously. When was the last time you got something for nothing? If it sounds “too good to be true,” it probably is. The loss you suffer could be as large as someone’s life, perhaps even your own.

Respectfully yours,

Light Advocate

ten swords

When Life Isn’t Fair

falling in place

Lately, I find myself surrounded by people who have to be the caregiver for a family member. There is no good time to receive the bad news that a loved one may need your constant attention. One person has to sacrifice opportunities, jobs, creative projects, time for themselves, outings with friends, vacations, living space, and lifestyle routines to put someone else first. Their choices vanish in an instant, and they can feel put upon.

And it’s not fair, to the caregiver or the person requiring help.

The caregiver is often blindsided and overwhelmed by the prospect, seeing only the volume of work ahead and what they must leave behind. Resentment settles into their core and they have difficulty coping. They are often alone in their duties. No one pats them on the back and tells them how wonderful and appreciated they are. When they need to talk through their frustrations, friends respond with sympathy that comes off more like pity, while being grateful to not be in that position. Odds are that their time will come.

Every situation is different. Every person’s medical issues, needs, emotions, and responses to medications are different. So when someone says they understand, they really don’t.

And the person being cared for feels powerless, no longer self-sufficient, and guilty for altering the life of the caregiver. They carry a burden that goes un-communicated and unrelieved. Their choices are limited to capabilities, environment, and the amount of assistance they require to do the most mundane tasks. They feel as if they are being treated like children, and some shift into behaving as such. Who could blame them?

It’s not fair. Nothing about it is fair.

And as unfair as life is, it can be equally just. But you have to work for it.

Oh, easy for you to say! It’s not happening to you.

Not yet. I like to think I have what it takes to step up the plate.

Life is like the weather. It comes at you whether you are prepared or not. And how can one prepare for such inevitability? If an earthquake shakes your home without warning, you have two choices: ride it out in the strongest room, or run outside and hope something larger doesn’t fall on you. Same goes for the weather report of an ailing relative. You can do the best you can, prepared or not, or you can run away and leave the problem for someone else.

Many don’t have a choice. They either can’t bring themselves to run away, or can’t afford to. Others hire professionals, or institutionalize the person because they don’t have the resources to handle it. No personal circumstances are the same. No choice is easy.

And it’s not fair.

The only way to go through such a life-altering event is to be fully present and find the good stuff meant just for you. You are benefitting in some way, whether you recognize it or not. What are you learning from this? Becoming as a result? Find the gain through the pain, the soul through the sadness, and your own inner hero.

Oh, you’ve seen the movies and read the books and imagined being the hero of some dramatic scenario. Now is your chance. You’re in it. You don’t have a choice. The only way out is through. Wrap your head around it, accept it, and plow forward. You might as well make lemonade out of the lemons you have, even if they are oranges. Use your resources and find a little moments of joy and gratitude. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, hating how much your life has changed, accept the truth of it and know that you were selected for the task. Any negative emotions you entertain will only drain your energy. And you’ll need all your resources because . . .

Life isn’t fair, to you or your charge.

And old Rolling Stone song says, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.”

And sometimes you need to discover you are capable of so much more than you imagined. Be available and aware. This may be the most important thing you’ve ever done. Own the heroic moments that go seemingly unnoticed. You may not be changing the world with your gifts and talents as you’d hoped, but your sacrifice means the world to the person you are caring for. You honor them with your life, as they deserve – as we all deserve. This may be the strongest, most valuable relationship you’ll ever experience. Recognize it. Step into the challenge with grace and discover how amazing you can be.

But remember to ask for help. And even heroes have allies behind the scenes.

How to Survive the Dark Night of the Soul

Full moon porch

Had to pass along a great article. Many have this occur out of the blue and others have a parallel experience manifest in their physical world.


Slenderman: Fact or Fiction?


This article claims that the Slenderman has been part of folklore for centuries, yet I’ve never heard of such a creature. Have you?


Don’t Believe in Miracles?

man trapped

Bet this guy does now!

I just caught this on The Weather Channel. Crushed between two tractor trailers in a 26 car pile up in Oregon, and he walks away with cuts and bruises. I wonder what mystical power helped save this guy.



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