Finding Bigfoot

Let’s get the burning question out of the way. Do I believe in Bigfoot? I’m on the fence. Here’s the thing. As long as people have been seeing it and hunting for it, the logical part of my mind says we would have found skeletal remains by now. Or somebody would have shot one, hit one with a truck, found a severed appendage in a bear trap, something.

On the flipside, new species are still being discovered. Albeit, not that large. Anything is possible, if not necessarily probable. And what if this creature isn’t anything the so-called experts think it is? We don’t know that it lives where it is thought to or if visits from some other planet or dimension. Maybe it’s just collecting samples for study. Maybe a team got left behind when the transport was ordered to return to the mother ship. Sasquatch did inspire Chewbacca, did it not? Without having a carcass or live specimen to study, we have no idea what it is.  Speculation is entertaining, but not fact. We only assume it’s related to us because it walks upright and looks similar to our primitive ancestors.

What if experts are wrong? Like the giant panda lives on bamboo, this creature might live on a steady diet of pine cones and all the trees on their planet were killed by some alien parasite. Their expertise only comes from consistent data gathered in the locations where the creature has been sighted. We work with what is provided and so far, evidence has been limited to blurry video, environmentally compromised hair samples, and casts of large footprints. No bones, no bodies, no live specimen.

I do believe the eye witnesses who will go to their graves swearing “I know what I saw and it wasn’t a guy in a suit.” These people are regular folks who don’t appear to fall into any particular demographic. They’re just living their lives when something else crossed their path – something big, hairy, foul smelling, and odd sounding. I’m sure a percentage of them can be ruled out as seeing a part of a bear or something else, but they can’t all possibly be. The common thread they have is the consistent description of it.

If you’ve ever watched a courtroom drama or sat on a jury, you know full well how unreliable eye witness testimony can be. Time changes the recollection. The memory gets crowded by other stuff and revisiting an event can grow it in scope depending on perspective, like a joke that travels a room to end up completely different on the other side. This is why testimony is so much stronger when more than one person sees something at the time.

I don’t catch every episode, but I enjoy the show. The boys are true believers and I respect that. Bobo will stop at nothing in his quest. He comes up with some of the craziest ideas to lure the creature, the most hilarious being bacon. I doubt a creature that lives in the wild is cooking and curing meat, and the smell of bacon might just turn the stomach of someone who might prefer sushi. Did Bobo witness a Sasquatch run out of the woods and make off with someone’s skillet of sizzling strips? Not yet. But whenever I say never, guess what happens?

So far, the Finding Bigfoot team hasn’t landed the big piece of evidence yet. And their resident skeptic, Ranae, has not had a personal encounter that has her joining the boy’s camp.

But I want her to. I really, really want her to.

So I’ll say it for you, Ranae.  Never gonna happen.


One thought on “Finding Bigfoot

  1. Not long ago Sci-Fi showed a movie with Bigfoot. In this version, the creature enjoyed eating humans very much. After watching this bloody carnage for about an hour, I realized the truth. Bigfoot is a vegetarian. And a loner. Why else would he stay deep in the woods, surrounded by only Mother Nature? If he enjoyed killing and eating humans, wouldn’t he live closer to civilization? Closer to the Food Supply? Yes, I think so. So to all of you out there searching for him, please stop. He enjoys living by himself. He has no interest in making friends. And he certainly has a good sense of humor as he flashes by our cameras at lightning speed in an effort to make himself a blurb on the photo.

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