Deep South Paranormal

These Cajun boys require a practiced ear to understand, and how they came by the company of the Jersey-ghetto Randy is a mystery. This team has all the expensive bells and whistles for a professional ghost hunt, and the premiere of this show captured some impressive video of light strobes and thermal energy signatures at the Long Leaf Sawmill.

Jonathan had an encounter with an energy that seemed to be responding to his invitation to come and touch him, which he captured on the FLIR. He also felt his energy being drained. Their line of questioning during K-2 and REM pod sessions is direct but respectful. And Keith’s guitar playing to draw attention gave me a warm-fuzzy. His singing is far better than his voice-over, but he’ll get the hang of it with a little practice.

Hart is the oldest and considered the Godfather. His catch-phrases alone are worth listening for. He knows how to navigate his way through the bayou as naturally as any local, wielding a gris-gris stick passed down to him from his father as Gandalf would his magical staff. It has a bell on it that he claims summons spirits. I’m interested in seeing what else his ancestors have bestowed on him in tools and knowledge.

This team combines colorful characters, enthusiasm for the field, and Cajun mysticism to explore as scientifically as possible. I look forward to watching them grow. But will others think the same?

Is a bullfrog waterproof?


6 thoughts on “Deep South Paranormal

  1. I haven’t made up my mind if I like the show or don’t yet. I think it’s going to require a couple of more viewings. It is unique and I do like the southern accents – reminds me of mom. I’ll have to give it two hooves up right now out of four… just until I know. XOXO – Bacon

    1. I hear you, Bacon. I’m on the fence a little too, but the draw for me is Hart. I think there’s a gold mine of knowledge in him, and pinch of crazy, so I’m interested in seeing what we learn about those local beliefs. I really hope the voice-over gets better!

      1. I know! Me and mom watched it last week. We have to watch it this Wednesday to check it out once more. I’m hoping it works out – you can never have to many of the paranormal shows on television. Even though I’m a scaredy pig, I love them! XOXO – Bacon

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