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To Ouija or Not to Ouija

Ouija 3You’ve seen it in movies and television. You may even have played with one at a friend’s house out of curiosity. But unlike most toys (yes, it is sold as a toy), the misuse of it can create more trouble that you might be equipped to handle.

I’m not anti-Ouija, but I do discourage the use of it by inexperienced dabblers. For people who want to play with one for fun, I say, exercise some common sense and follow a few simple rules to guard against the possibility of inviting in any unwanted negative energy.

The Ouija board in and of itself is simply a piece of pressboard with a paper decal glued to it. The object itself is not dangerous, unless you try breaking it over someone’s head. The finger guide that sits on the board the draws energy to point to letters and words is no greater threat unless you poke yourself with pointy part. It’s made of plastic. Paper and plastic are everywhere. The tools are not the concern in Ouija. The energy you and everyone bring to those items is whole other ball game.

Ask yourself an important question: Why do I want to communicate with the dead?

If you have any fear of spirit communication, don’t do it. If like attracts like, what do you think you’ll get?

Trying it for kicks “just to see?” Don’t. If you seek someone who was not an entertainer in life, they won’t appreciate you’re expecting them to be one in death.

Intent is the cornerstone of energy. If your intent is to challenge a spirit who was dangerous when alive simply for your own entertainment, or you are a lonely teen full of angst, know that you might just get exactly what you ask for. But will you know what to do if what you attract is not amused and targets you as a subject for their enjoyment? Probably not.

Taunting, demanding, teasing, ridiculing, and bullying of anyone is unnecessary and unacceptable behavior in life, so why would you consider it okay in death. Don’t do it. How would you feel if someone walked into your house uninvited and demanded that you “show yourself” or “prove you are here”? Make demands on me, I’ll be demanding your removal with whatever tools I can get my hands on.

Like attracts like.

If your intent is to serve the highest good of both the living and the dead, you have a chance of receiving like-minded communication.

All that you require are like-minds and the same respect you would use to speak to the living. But a Ouija board can offer a focal point when everyone can infuse energy. Energy doesn’t die, but transmutes into another form. Ouija boards soak up energy like a towel. And after each use, they should be laundered and wrung out before they are used again.

Now there are plenty of sites that can tell you the basics of how to conduct a séance. Sure, they tell you to sit in a circle, have an experienced medium presiding, along with attendees who have the same intent. They tell you to play peaceful music, light a candle, respectfully call on the deceased you wish to contact.

But I found most to be missing two very important steps, especially when using a Ouija board:

1. Protection of the circle prior to opening it for communication
2. Closing the circle once communication session is complete.

Protection can be done with visualization, prayer, and individual shielding. The leader who presides over the session could say something like, “We ask that the Archangel Michael surround this circle with his blue flame of protection to keep any negative energies or energies not of like-mind from entering this circle.” Call in whomever you chose to assist with protection, as long as that energy is in alignment with your intention. Attendees should practice their own personal psychic protection as well. If you know nothing about psychic protection, you should make a point of reading at least one of the many sites and books available on the subject before proceeding with a séance. If you are leading the event, protect everyone in attendance with the same energy. Psychic protection can make all the difference in your experience with energies from the other side. You certainly don’t want any unwanted energies attaching to you.

Sitting in a circle creates an energetic space for the living and the dead. When you are ready to conclude the sitting, do not just get up and walk away.

First, thank everyone who came through to communicate from the other side for their messages, and thank any guides, angels, and anyone else you called on for assistance for their help with this process.

Second, send the deceased back to wherever they came. Although brief visits can be healing, the dead do not belong with the living, and they certainly are not performers. Calling a loved one repeatedly as if they are on speed dial is inconsiderate. (Many will argue that this is harmless.) Bless them for coming and ask them to move on so they may continue their own work and healing. The last thing you need is a damaged energy following you home, or someone you love remaining earthbound because you are so needy.

Third, close the circle you created. You can use a visualization of the circle closing while the leader speaks out loud, “We close this circle with love and light, and ask that any lingering energies return to the light for the highest good of all in attendance.” Visualize the circle fading, the column of light that surrounded and protected it rising and disappearing.

Burning sage at the end of a session, especially around the Ouija board, will also help cleanse the tools and the space of any lingering energy.

For those who dabble for more nefarious purposes – you better know enough to clean up any mess you create with your energy. Remember, like attracts like. If you don’t know how to manage the energy you call, or know how to send unwanted energy away, don’t do it, for your sake and everyone in attendance. Be responsible for your own energy and any you call in. You don’t want to unleash anything into the world that no longer belongs there. The law of attraction warns that you will attract what you seek, so you better be ready to deal with something bigger and more powerful than you.

I’ve heard too many stories of dabblers who called energies through a board then wondered why voices were keeping them awake at night, demanding their attention. In fear, they do the worst thing possible – and burn the board.


Fire increases energy, and you just burned the doorway back. Nice going. You want to get rid of a Ouija board? Submerge it in water or sea salt for a few days, before burying it in the ground.


You don’t need tools to talk to your lost loved ones. Just do it. Talk out loud, write a letter, look through photo albums, light candles, pretty much anything you are moved to do. Even if they aren’t available in the moment you open that communication, they get the message. I like to imagine that every word thought, spoken, or written is recorded in a little bubble similar to the clouds above comic strip characters. They float around available for access whenever the intended is available to retrieve it. It’s out there, traveling through the ether.

Better yet, talk with your loved ones while they are still here. Life is for the living. Do some living. We inevitably meet again in the hereafter. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up then, but not yet.

copyright May 2013, Sheila Englehart


Who hears #PrayersForOklahoma?

To each his own.
Scientists have done studies on prayer and have found it promotes health in plants.
Whether you believe in a deity or not, having good thoughts for your fellow man in hard times can’t hurt. But I do agree with sending more “physical” aid as well. The Red Cross has been a “godsend” for many, including myself. But that doesn’t mean God actually sent them.

CNN Belief Blog

By Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) — God may not notice the thousands of prayers tweeted for victims of Oklahoma’s devastating tornado — but Ricky Gervais sure has. And he is not pleased.

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 75,000 people have used the hashtag #PrayForOklahoma, including pop starlets, pastors and politicians, according to, a trend-monitoring site.

For example, the White House tweeted,

But the hashtag and the sentiments it promotes prompted a fierce backlash on social media, led by Gervais, a British comedian, and other prominent nonbelievers.

And while one Oklahoma City pastor says he appreciates the Twitter prayers, some religious scholars say devout petitions require more than moving your hands across a keyboard.

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Ouija boards on iPhones: Bad.

Ouija 3

A teenager recently showed me the Ouija app on her iPhone and told me that since she started using it, she had voices keeping her awake at night wanting to talk, and wanting her to come with them.

Now, whether you believe that a Ouija board has the power to draw energies of the dead, positive or negative, or not, why would you want this on any electronic device? Whoever thought this to be a good idea should be dragged behind a truck.

There is a common theory among professional paranormal investigators that spirits use battery energy to manifest. So an iPhone is the idea tool for them.

iPhone + Ouija app + teenager whose knowledge comes from movies and TV = T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Ouija is a tool. Used properly, it can assist in communication with those who have crossed over. But like any tool, if used improperly, it can hurt. A fork is a tool to deliver food to your mouth. You don’t use it to stab your little brother in the ear.

I’m not anti-Ouija. I am anti-dabbling and do discourage improper use of any tool.

I’ll have a lot more to share about proper Ouija use later.


UV Light and Spirit Photography (Feat. Barry Fitzgerald)

You’ve done a lot of work with full spectrum photography. A lot of teams are trying to do the same. What are some of the nuances of this kind of photography?

You have to understand that what we’re trying to do is to film into those light frequencies without projecting unnecessary light into those frequencies. So these lights–full spectrum floodlights–they really go against what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to observe phenomena that occurs within those frequencies. So producing UV light starts to break down the manifestation of spirit as it starts to come into this form that we understand. So that light starts to hinder on both sides of what we appreciate as the visual spectrum.

What would you suggest then as an alternative for the floodlights?

The alternative that we’ve been using that’s shown to be successful is a low lux full spectrum video camera. This is…

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