Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

I ran across a few repeat episodes of Ghost Hunters on Bravo this week. I’ve been watching this SyFy show from the first episode, and it never gets old. In my opinion, this team is the most professional, and produces the best ghost hunting show on television. These guys approach locations seeking to debunk reported activity and set about doing anything possible to rule out all physical explanations before declaring activity paranormal. Plumbers know how to troubleshoot and search until answers are found. The same philosophy and techniques employed with the paranormal go a long way to providing credibility.

They don’t claim to have answers they cannot find. They don’t speculate or create stories around their findings. They don’t high-five and celebrate every sound or image captured on their equipment. And their primary goal has always been to help, not just to make a television show. When they communicate, they do it with the same respect they would the living. Having had their own personal experiences, they set out to aide others, especially those with children who were being physically hurt or terrified by their own experiences.

The original founders, Jason and Grant, have several children so families were first priority. Grant and a few others have since moved on to new adventures after giving years to a project they probably never imagined would become such a commercial success. Being followed by a camera crew on a regular basis must surely take its toll. The show has brought money and fame, but every experience costs – time with family and other interests might have been at the top of the list. This team continues as members come and go, and I am glad for that. Other ghost hunting shows do mediocre impressions of this one, and could learn a few things from the masters.

*Note to anyone who ghost hunts – do not wear anything around your ears, no matter how cold it is. Hoods, scarves, and knit caps that cover your ears distort sounds. Hoods especially amplify sound making it difficult to determine from which direction the sound came. Any ear covering can filter sound and make you miss something altogether.


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