Haunted Highway

Haunted Highway

Remember Ozzy’s potty-mouth son, Jack, from their reality series The Osbournes? He’s grown up now and curbed his language for a show that follows his passion for the paranormal. Today SyFy ran a mini-marathon as filler for the afternoon. I have to say, I forgot how much I enjoyed this show, and I was truly surprised by that.

Forget that it’s got a celebrity and a pseudo-celeb in Jael de Pardo from Destination Truth and Fact or Fiction. This show is professional with indie spirit. We follow a pair of investigators on each case without a production crew, giving the audience the feeling of being the third person on the exploration. Too many cooks spoil the soup, and for me, this soup is savory. Sure, they have lots of expensive equipment, presumably funded by the network. Trap cameras, handhelds, FLIRs, thermal imagers, EMF meters, everything a paranormal P.I. needs for a hunt. (Boy, would I love to be able to afford all those fancy cameras and recorders with which to capture evidence too! Kudos to Jack for having the platform to land such a gig. Or should I say, supermom Sharon, for keeping the family name in the media?)

Celebs or not, they have the guts to go to some remote places, trek into the dark with handhelds and bait to patiently search for things that bump and bite. Creatures from urban legends, Native American stories, and eye witness accounts include: hell hounds, shadowmen, skinwalkers and stealers, cave monsters, ghosts, demons, and anything a group of witnesses dares to discuss on camera. They are willing to try anything that locals tell them will generate activity, no matter how silly or strange. Every idea is seriously considered and any piece of noteworthy evidence gathered is sent off for professional and scientific analysis.

“It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” Jack knows a lot of people, and it takes a lot behind the scenes to pull a show like this off. They make it look easy, as if four amateur seekers are just free-wheeling their journey, but a lot of research and legwork is done prior to hitting the road. It’s polished.

I enjoy how compact this show is. It doesn’t have a formula feel and there is no wasted time. Love how fast it moves and how condensed the evidence review is. Waste not, want not. It’s what I want from a paranormal show without gimmick or guess work. There’s no ego-filled celebration after catching something on camera, no speculation, and no manufactured drama. And no fanning the celebrity and feeding his ego full of grapes. Jack leaves his at home.

What you see is what you get, and I get everything I want from this show. I look forward to the new fall season.

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Anne Rice Interview

I’m not into vampires or some of the things in her novels, but I am a fan of any like-minded soul. She shares my views on many things and is a fellow seeker. This is one of many interviews that has made me a fan her personally.

Meta Stuff

You say po-ta-to, I say po-tah-to

Scientists will always view evrrything from a scientific perspective, especially with near death experiences. Metaphysicians will always view things from a spiritual perspective. I tend to view each perspective equally. I think both sides issue valid points – all food for thought. I don’t believe we must chose one side or the other, and remind myself of how many “facts” science has defended that have later been changed. The world used to be flat, after all.

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Beware of the living as well

Before you go snooping, get permission from the property owner, or you might face dangerous consequences. Never assume the property is public or that you’ll be welcome either way.

I have a friend who asked a property owner permission to search for her relatives in a cemetery on the premises, and the answer was NO.