“A psychic told me I had a curse on me.”


No reputable psychic would tell a person such a thing.

I’ve heard horror stories of charlatans pretending to be psychics who frighten people into thinking that they have a curse or demonic attachment.

These people are con artists that should be dragged behind a truck.

Is it possible to have negative energy glom onto you? Every time you leave the house, it’s possible, even probable. But a curse or a demon? Chances are slim.

Personally, I think most curses are mental suggestions. Tell a guy who believes that he has a terrible streak of bad luck (unable to land a job in months) that he has a curse on him, and he now has a reason why every bad thing has ever happened to him. Way to eliminate accountability! Now he’s carrying a great fear and feels powerless to change a situation he knows nothing about. So when the so-called expert tells him that she can easily remove this curse for the limited-time-only price of $700 (or more), all he has to do is burn special candles anointed for that very purpose, oh, and acquire a mysterious night-blooming flower that only grows in the middle of the Everglades, he should run. Run far and run fast from whoever is delivering this happy news.

Everyone has had valleys in life where they feel cursed. Nothing happens the way they think it should. They can’t seem to shake loose the never-ending stream of bad news in their little corner of the world. One bad thing after another gets tossed onto the pile like a log on a bonfire.

A particular year stands out for me when I lost everything: job, husband, house, friends, money, health, self-respect. I had about a year and a half of leveling out before a fire finished the job and took the rest of my stuff. It’s easy to think you might have a dark cloud following you around when everything is going down the toilet. But do you really want to relinquish control of your life to someone else’s suggestion?

Piss someone off and they can hurl a concentrated ball of negativity at you with the intent that it do ill. But do you have to allow that to take control? Curses are like rules. They’re made to be broken. It’s a ball. Get a bat and whack it as far away from you as possible.

Negative energy is everywhere. You can pick some up at Walmart , restaurants, the post office, planes, trains, friends houses – pretty much anywhere you go where angry, depressed, ailing, disgruntled, and miserable people have been. And if you don’t get out much, people can deliver their negativity to your door like a pizza. But a curse or a demon? Doubtful.
Negativity can be dispelled any number of ways, but mostly by changing the energy to be positive. Intent is everything. Use intention to lighten up. Get a new attitude. Laugh, listen to upbeat music, and engage in activities that bring you joy and peace. If you cannot manage any of those things on your own, perhaps it’s time to consider some professional help – the legitimate kind.

copyright 2013 Sheila Englehart

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