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Chip Coffey on Ghosts and Haunted Houses

Chip Coffey
I’ve been a fan of psychic medium Chip Coffey for several years now. His book on psychic kids is terrific. I had the pleasure of attending one of his gallery sessions at last year’s Paracon. He shares my perspective on many things and I thought I’d pass along what he posted on his FB page this week.
Chip Coffey on Haunted Houses:
I saw a post recently stating that none of the families who subsequently lived in haunted locations like the Amityville House or the home featured in the movie, “The Conjuring,” have experienced paranormal activity.
That doesn’t surprise me at all because none of the families who have since resided in the very paranormally active house that my family and I live in when I was a child have reported… any strange occurrences either.
But why does this happen???
I believe that it is the combined energies of the living and the dead that produces results. And when those energies meet – and sometimes, collide – paranormal activity occurs.
This is especially true if those who are living in (or working or visiting) a location are psychically sensitive. Their abilities to connect with the spirit realm are often recognized and acknowledged by disincarnate beings, thus producing activity.
Also, when our intent is to seek connections with the afterlife, sending out that intent or energy may (and often does) produce results. I firmly believe that “the intent of the seeker(s) affects the results” during paranormal investigations and other forms of spirit contact.
When my mom, dad and I lived in the haunted house is New York, we provided a perfect platform for spirit contact and communication. I was a psychic kid, my mom also had unique psychic abilities and my dad was a healthy skeptic, although open to possibilities. Obviously, our collective energies melded with the spirits of the Murphy family, former owners of the house, who “lived” there with us long after they were dead.
It’s all about energetic connections…combined with intent and circumstance.
Just because a location was once very actively “haunted” doesn’t necessarily mean that it will remain “haunted.” But when a “perfect paranormal storm” occurs, that’s when the “fun” begins…
On Ghosts:
Ghosts and spirits are everywhere…and not always where you might expect to find them. Most of them are very mobile.
You see, non-corporeal beings — entities, like ghosts and spirits who are not encumbered by a physical body — are also not encumbered by the constraints of time, space and mass/density the way that we who have physical bodies are. They can be anywhere at anytime.
Just because G…randma didn’t die in your home doesn’t mean that the deceased old lady cannot pay a visit to your home. The same applies to every other ghost or spirit and every other location here on the planet.
I have encountered far too many well-meaning paranormal investigators who believe that every disembodied being they happen upon is in need of their assistance with “crossing over.” (I “blame” actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and the TV show “Ghost Whisperer” for perpetuating that myth! LOL)
Not every soul is “trapped” or “earthbound” or wandering aimlessly around the earth plane, seeking the hereafter. In fact, MOST are not. Most spirits have completed their transition to the afterlife and simply return periodically to the third dimension in order to pay a visit. Also, not every soul is eternally “tied” to the location at which he/she died. In fact, MOST are not. (I’d hate to think that my dad is still roaming the halls of the VA hospital in Atlanta!)
You’ve probably heard (or read) the term “intelligent haunting.” The term is used when paranormal investigators are able to seek and receive responses from ghosts and spirits. Personally, I prefer the term “interactive haunting” since that’s precisely what is occurring: the living are interacting with the dead — and vice versa.
Investigators, as well as mediums, who seek to interact with ghosts and spirits of any individual can call up any ghost or spirit at any location, irrespective of whether or not the individual died there…or even had any association or affinity with said location. As I said before, the disembodied are very mobile.
Residual hauntings are an entirely different matter. Residual hauntings are like echoes or endless loop recordings that play over-and-over again because of energy imprints. Residual hauntings ARE bound to specific locations because that location is where the incidents that are being repeatedly replayed occurred.
So…let’s not assume that we can communicate with ghosts or spirits solely in places where they died or to which they had a “special connection” because in my experience, that’s simply not the way it works.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything

Joe Rogan

The premiere of Joe Rogan Questions Everything last night on SyFy was pretty impressive. I like a guy who is very direct in questioning experts and demanding scientific evidence. His motto seems to be “give me something to believe in.” I dig that.

Bigfoot was his first exploration of the series, which he admitted was a personal fascination. He got a scientist to admit that DNA sequencing reveals evidence of a possible human hybrid. Then he talked to one who said with all his education and background he couldn’t “follow” the scientific papers of one believer. This guy found that the scat sample was of bear and/or canine and had Joe calling him the Bigfoot Dream Crusher.

With all the experts and scientific samples, there is still no proof of Bigfoot, only belief that its existence might be possible. But this show was evidence to this viewer that Joe Rogan is a guy to watch if you are seeking a show that takes the strange and unusual seriously.


The Conjuring

I was itching to see this film. I went with trepidation today worried that the subject matter would be polluted by Hollywood hands. My worries went unfounded. I was impressed by how well it stuck tightly to actual witnessed accounts instead of relying on over-dramatization and special effects. With Lorraine Warren riding herd over this project, I should have expected nothing less. She even made a cameo appearance in one scene, seated in an audience during a lecture.

This film educates while reenacting the story with professionals at the helm. The actors did a great job, the tension was built with good old fashioned suspense, and the effects that were used were not over the top.

This film chronicles a case investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren (Uncle and Aunt of John Zaffis from The Haunted Collector). You may have seen Lorraine on Paranormal State episodes with Ryan Buell. She is a demonologist who deals with negative energies and a mentor to John.

The Warren’s have been both revered and disrespected for the nature of their work. Lorraine relies on her sensitivity more than physical evidence, so they were criticized heavily back in the day, as pioneers of any field often are.

The only fear I have about the perception of this film is that dabblers will think they can do exorcisms because Ed Warren did one. They did run a title card that explained that Ed Warren is the only non-ordained person sanctioned by the Catholic Church to perform exorcisms. Sadly, he’s no longer alive to do this. But this man must have had the heart, soul, and spirit of a man who could have been a priest to do this. It is not enough to read the words and boldly stand before a demon. A person capable of exorcizing demons must have his belief system firmly cemented in his psyche. There is no room for fear or doubt in the throws of such an act.

I recommend the film highly, while strongly urging – don’t try this yourself.