Sylvia Browne

Here’s a recent article on Sylvia.

Early in my quest for information on psychics I read a few of Sylvia Brnwne’s books. Some good information in her earlier works, but then she became exactly what she accused others of being – commercial. I found recycled information in other books, and their volumes growing smaller and smaller while carrying a hefty cover price.

I learned a few things from her early on, but as time goes on I find more to debate.

No psychic can always be accurate. Human interpretation always gets in the way. But the problem I have with Ms. Browne is that she delivers her information in such a direct and expert-like manner, that it is expected to be accurate. This gets her in trouble when it is not. People dwell on the misses more than the hits, and that happens in every profession. Mistakes are what people shine a spotlight on. Better to err on the side of caution.

My feelings on Sylvia are mixed. She has great insight for beginners or new seekers of information on psychic topics, but she’s not perfect.  Not always diplomatic in her delivery, she often sounds a bit like a  curmudgeon. Her attitude always bugged me when I saw her on television, as if she’s bored with her profession or irritated by having to be there.  Love her or leave her, she’s a force in the field, and still going.


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