The credibility of author Eben Alexander has been raised for his claims in Proof of Heaven. (link at the bottom) He’s apparently stretched the truth or flat out lied before.

Here’s the thing: No matter who claims to have traveled to the other side and returned to tell the tale, they will never have proof.

That is the fundamental issue everyone who believes in an afterlife faces. You either believe or don’t believe. There is no middle. There is no proof.

I don’t need to read a book written by a doctor (credible or not) to know what I believe. Just like I don’t need be in a church to talk to God.

Discovering that someone has flat out lied to make money? Where’s the shock? If you’ve worked any corporate job, you have seen it happen daily. The fact that it deals with a controversial topic makes it a good sell.  I’ve read some terrific fiction masterfully weaved with truth. But this book was marketed as truth. And maybe it is.

Truth is as individual as fingerprints.


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