Decide What You Want


The link at the bottom coincides with an experience I had this week – the second time in my life this has occurred.

I was cleaning out my office and a piece of paper fell from who-knows-where. The date was 11/21/00 – five months after I had lost everything in an apartment fire. I was apparently doing an exercise of writing what I thought would be my ideal environment. I wrote what I imagined would be a lovely place to live, what kind of friends I would have there, what I would be doing for work and leisure, and how this environment would shape me.

My mouth dropped open when I read it. Thirteen years later, I had nearly everything on that piece of paper. I’ll say 90%. Keep in mind that I was starting over with clothes pulled from the closets of friends and an old car. Being a realist, my expectations were not fame and fortune. Just a corner to call my own in a beautiful place, doing work I enjoy, surrounded by like-minded friends. I’m fortunate enough to have that now.

I had also done this after my first marriage ended. I had written a list of fourteen qualities I wanted in an ideal mate.  I used to show it to people who would laugh and say, “You don’t want much, do you?” A year after I met my current husband, I found that list. He was everything on the list.

If you know what you want, your subconscious goes to work on drawing it to you. Now that’s true power. If you don’t know what you really want, it won’t happen until you figure it out. But devote time to figuring it out. Then write it down. It worked for me, twice.

One thought on “Decide What You Want

  1. I remember when Sheila and I made these lists. It was a five year plan of where we wanted to be in five years time. I looked at mine about a year ago, and like Sheila, I found that almost 90% of what I hoped would be my “future”, was currently in place (and ongoing). Clearly, our mind is our biggest supporter (and enemy). We need to always remember the old adage: “what we dream, we can create”, Of course, sitting down and physically writing out a list is part of the creative process of success. So, get out your pencil and paper and start dreaming your future into existence today.

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