Paranormal Witness

paranormal witness

This show interviews every day people who have witnessed paranormal events and shows reenactments of those stories.

I watched a few of last season’s episodes. While engaging, I don’t enjoy the reenacted scenes where the actor portraying the actual witness looks 20 years younger or nothing at all like the person telling the story. Most of these people are very credible witnesses.

As much as I love hearing people’s accounts, this format doesn’t hold the same attraction for me as watching a ghost hunter have a direct encounter. I also find that people’s memories change with time. When a person is asked to recount what they experienced immediately after an encounter, they are in a state of heightened emotion. Over time, this wanes and more details come to light. But are they reliable?

Witnesses to crimes encounter the same difficulty. They offer the police a statement of what they witnessed only to have an attorney pick it apart and point out discrepancies at a later date. Human memory is not very reliable. Swear on as many Bibles as you like, but over time memory changes. I can see that the witness whole heartedly believes every detail they are recounting. For them it happened and was absolute truth. But I live by my motto that truth is as individual as fingerprints. And two people in the same room, experiencing the same encounter, can have very different perspectives.

While Paranormal Witness offers compelling stories, I have found some to be more exaggerated, and therefore, unbelievable. I can stretch my belief system like a round of pizza dough. But some details crawl over the edge of the pan. That’s when I reach for a knife.

Let me know what you think after seeing it for yourself on Wednesday evenings on SyFy.



3 thoughts on “Paranormal Witness

  1. So agreed! We have watched this show here at the Hotel Thompson from time to time. Mom/dad have said the same thing about the actors that portray the ‘real’ people. WOW – they are way off! We are not big fans of this show here. We do watch other shows of the paranormal that we find more entertaining … in a good way 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

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