The Conjuring

I was itching to see this film. I went with trepidation today worried that the subject matter would be polluted by Hollywood hands. My worries went unfounded. I was impressed by how well it stuck tightly to actual witnessed accounts instead of relying on over-dramatization and special effects. With Lorraine Warren riding herd over this project, I should have expected nothing less. She even made a cameo appearance in one scene, seated in an audience during a lecture.

This film educates while reenacting the story with professionals at the helm. The actors did a great job, the tension was built with good old fashioned suspense, and the effects that were used were not over the top.

This film chronicles a case investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren (Uncle and Aunt of John Zaffis from The Haunted Collector). You may have seen Lorraine on Paranormal State episodes with Ryan Buell. She is a demonologist who deals with negative energies and a mentor to John.

The Warren’s have been both revered and disrespected for the nature of their work. Lorraine relies on her sensitivity more than physical evidence, so they were criticized heavily back in the day, as pioneers of any field often are.

The only fear I have about the perception of this film is that dabblers will think they can do exorcisms because Ed Warren did one. They did run a title card that explained that Ed Warren is the only non-ordained person sanctioned by the Catholic Church to perform exorcisms. Sadly, he’s no longer alive to do this. But this man must have had the heart, soul, and spirit of a man who could have been a priest to do this. It is not enough to read the words and boldly stand before a demon. A person capable of exorcizing demons must have his belief system firmly cemented in his psyche. There is no room for fear or doubt in the throws of such an act.

I recommend the film highly, while strongly urging – don’t try this yourself.



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