Joe Rogan Questions Everything

Joe Rogan

The premiere of Joe Rogan Questions Everything last night on SyFy was pretty impressive. I like a guy who is very direct in questioning experts and demanding scientific evidence. His motto seems to be “give me something to believe in.” I dig that.

Bigfoot was his first exploration of the series, which he admitted was a personal fascination. He got a scientist to admit that DNA sequencing reveals evidence of a possible human hybrid. Then he talked to one who said with all his education and background he couldn’t “follow” the scientific papers of one believer. This guy found that the scat sample was of bear and/or canine and had Joe calling him the Bigfoot Dream Crusher.

With all the experts and scientific samples, there is still no proof of Bigfoot, only belief that its existence might be possible. But this show was evidence to this viewer that Joe Rogan is a guy to watch if you are seeking a show that takes the strange and unusual seriously.


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