Own Your Power


A local Summer Solstice event kicked off a wave of reports that psychic readers had told people that they were cursed, or had something on them.

Now you might laugh at the idea that anyone with a double-digit IQ being taken in by such a suggestion, but those imparting this knowledge are very skilled. I’ve heard them referred to as gypsies, and a few might be. But some of them give gypsies a bad name. They are fantastic salespeople who can, with charisma, wordplay, and dramatic delivery do a great job of convincing well-educated and logical thinkers that there is a good reason why they are not – getting the job, finding love, gaining custody of the kids, receiving an offer on the property.

They have a curse on them.

Now, I’ve always been fascinated by psychics and have visited many out of curiosity and quest for truth. Some are reputable, but many are pretenders or wannabes. In twenty years, I can still count on one hand the readings that yielded a result. One in particular stands out.

Eighteen years ago I was in life crisis. I hated everything and everybody, especially myself for not being in a better place in life. Nothing I tried worked, and nothing changed. On the morning drive to my dreaded cubicle job, a psychic was taking calls on a radio show. She sounded forthright and trustworthy in her responses to callers. She only visited the area twice a year, so I booked an appointment. I was at a crossroads, and felt I had nothing to lose but money.

This psychic appeared to be a sweet little old lady and was very cordial. She picked up that I was stuck, which was obvious, and she had very little in the way of advice to offer.

Neither did Yoda.

Her only suggestion: “You need to read Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book The Power of the Subconscious Mind. That will help you a lot.”

Now I had paid far more than I ever imagined I would for the advice of this “internationally renowned psychic” and all she had for me was, buy another book? Immediately I felt deflated. I’d already read shelves of self-help books searching for a golden nugget of advice, only to conclude that if self help books actually helped people, no one would have any problems. But I was desperate. What was one more? I bought it on the way home and read it. No – studied it carefully. After all, it had cost me.

She was right.

Dr. Murphy’s book, first published in 1963, was exactly what I needed. It changed how I viewed myself, my circumstances, my thinking, my attitude, and best of all, it offered solutions. Not quick fixes, but techniques to employ, stories to relate to, and true sage advice. Three months later, after working with that book, there was movement in my life. Why? The advice worked with self-examination tools to initiate self-empowerment, and eventually clarity.

Note: His book has been revised and updated over the years, and had many different covers, but in my opinion, the original or closest to the original version is the best. If you go looking for it, hit the used bookstores and look for copyright dates older than the late 1990’s. The original version has more interesting stories.

So what’s my point? When you see any psychic reader, if the information or advice offered does not leave you with a feeling of empowerment, or a logical action plan to implement so you can be proactive in your own growth, know that you have the free will to reject or discard anything they told you, and move on. Don’t accept negativity or dark messages. Don’t pay exorbitant fees for cures. Accept only information that resonates with you on a positive level and encourages you be proactive in your own growth and change.

There is no elder wand, no sorcerer’s stone, no fountain of youth. What is there?

You – the collective force of your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds.

Don’t place power into anyone’s hands but your own. Your mind has the power to change your outlook, situation, your circumstances, and fortune no matter how low you have sunk. You make your own luck. A legitimate psychic advisor can help you see things from a new perspective and send you on a path of success, but they don’t have all the answers. No one does. It’s up to you to discern whether their advice is truly in your best interests, or theirs. If you don’t benefit, discard. You chose what is best for you. You are in complete control of your own life. Be vigilant about who you allow to plant suggestions into your mind before you chart you own course.

This I learned from a book – recommended by a reputable psychic.

copyright 2013 Sheila Englehart


2 thoughts on “Own Your Power

  1. I, too, have visited psychics and felt “gipped”. And I, too, can also count on one hand the psychics that I think are “legit”. You’re absolutely right, Sheial, if you don’t come out of a session feeling empowered and energetic about your life and where it’s going, the psychic has failed you. If that “plan of action” can be found in a self-help book, well, then, buy it and start formulating your call to adventure immediately.

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