Skeptics go at reincarnation

Shirley MacLaine

Can everything be proven?

Scientists seem to think everything should be. But I don’t think beliefs can.

According to my dictionary, belief is defined as “confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.” (This comes from a book written by people who somewhere deep in history created the English language and therefore, constructed and assigned a meaning to each word.)

Do you believe in the possibility that you get to live more than one lifetime? Or is this it? (Shirley MacLaine has written extensively on this, among other things she believes.)

Do you believe there is a Heaven or Hell? Or do you believe that death is the big dirt nap?

Most religious beliefs are based on text written by a person they believed was directly connected to the divine. The Browne family from the TLC show Sister Wives believes their plural lifestyle brings them closer to God and Heaven. There is no science that can prove or disprove that belief any more than it can the belief in reincarnation.

Science cannot prove or disprove the existence of a Heaven or a Hell or a God or Bigfoot….Oh, the list is endless.  But just because it cannot be proven doesn’t mean it isn’t real to believers. Believing means you don’t require proof.

Here’s the article:


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