Urban Fantasy Originals

Strout swag

I won a giveaway myself from an urban fantasy author Anton Strout.

dead to me

Nothing keeps you reading like free stuff!

A friend lent me the first in the Simon Canderous series that got me hooked. Here’s a guy who has the power of psychometry – the ability to touch objects and get information on its history that can not only determine the item’s value, but help trace people and events attached to it. (Imagine if John Zaffis had the ability to “read” the haunted antiques he’s unearthed.) A former thief, he now works for a secret law enforcement department that deals with pesky paranormal crime.

What I love about this series it that it explores all kinds of paranormal phenomena through the life of an ordinary guy with mundane problems, while he employs his unusual talent for his job. This series has magic, intrigue, battle of good and evil, and a whole lot of strangeness that ends up feeling completely normal. Simon works weird in a wonderful way.

So check out Dead to Me, the first in the Dead series.



He sent me a copy of Alchemystic, the first in the Spellmason Chronicles. I’ve been waiting to dig into this one. I understand it involves a stone gargoyle coming to life to protect a member of the family who created him. I’m curious to see how a city girl in the art community rolls with a gargoyle bodyguard.



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