I watched a show called Mountain Monsters that followed a investigation team to an area near Point Pleasant, WV on the hunt for the Mothman. Famously this supernatural creature was spotted by two young couples in 1966, and in 1967 it appeared just before the collapse the Silver Bridge that claimed 46 lives. The sightings described a seven to eight foot man-like creature with wings. The most distinguishing feature seems to be glowing red eyes that captivated the viewer into a semi-hypnotic trance.

This team talked to eye witnesses, some credible, some not, before planning an attempt to trap the creature. What surprised me was the witness who described the Mothman hanging out around high voltage electrical wires. He said it appeared to be “charging from it.” I hadn’t heard any stories that involved electricity before. Perhaps the witness himself picked up a high electromagnetic charge similar to what is known as “a fear cage” that may have distorted his vision or caused him to see things that weren’t there.  There have been reports of people feeling ill after being in a room containing high EMF exhibiting symptoms such as paranoia, nausea, and hallucinations.

Television can be difficult to believe. I’m always suspicious of how much of what I’m seeing has been manufactured. There was a dark video shot from a cell phone taken at night was tough to detect. I had to review it several times before I caught a glimpse of what had the team excited. I was startled. Glowing light came from the head area, and I could briefly see a gray crouched figure move out of the frame. The figure looked partially like a man in a gray wetsuit, head to toe. But it moved like bat. I did not see any wings, but in my view, it didn’t appear to be a prankster. A skilled CGI artist with the right software could create such a creature for film, but not with a cell phone.

This team chose the site near the electrical wires to set their trap. They built a large metal cage resembling a silo that would fall down around the creature like a jar over a lightning bug. Small fires were set around the area. I’m not sure how they concluded this would be an attraction, but something responded. Again, I always wonder how much of this was staged for the cameras. They kept hearing something, but with music overlaid for the production made any sounds hard to detect. But these guys didn’t appear to be actors, and behaved as any normal person would experiencing something for the first time.

Video captured unlit torches bursting into flame. Fires already lit were instantly extinguished. One team member experienced a strange feeling and passed out cold at one point, taking a header midsentence. The cage was tripped but trapped nothing.

I’m curious about the Mothman, but the theory that tragedy occurs after a sighting doesn’t hold water for me. No horror befell the man who shot the video. Nothing negative has occurred after a sighting in many years. In spite of the sightings on 9/11, I don’t believe it is attracted to death or creates negative events. This team went hunting for it and encountered something they couldn’t explain. They learned what didn’t work and will make another attempt at a later date. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting, hoping for more physical evidence. But if the Mothman really is supernatural, I don’t think anyone will be able to trap it in a cage like a raccoon.

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