Proof of Bigfoot? In East Texas?

Of all places to hide, if I were Bigfoot I would not have chosen a state where it seems to be as common to possess a gun as it is ballpoint pen.

But is this evidence real or hoax?


2 thoughts on “Proof of Bigfoot? In East Texas?

  1. I guess we will have to wait and see. But at least they are making a proper attempt and putting their cards on the table. Unlike a certain individual who claims he has a dead Bigfoot, which he of course claims to have shot, but has never offered any real proof.

    1. If someone really had a dead one, the scientific community (along with every Bigfoot hunter) would have swooped in like buzzards and picked it apart faster than you could say Sasquatch.

      I’m always suspicious of photographic evidence. With new technology, people can create just about anything these days.

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