Ghost hunters 3

Last night’s premiere episode of the new season of Ghost Hunters visited a home in Missouri where the owners had experienced a doppelganger.

Doppelganger refers to the paranormal phenomena of bilocation, where a spirit version of yourself appears in another location, is witnessed by people or even yourself. Legend has it that if you see your own, you will die soon. Bad juju.

I’ve seen my real life double many times, and others have reported seeing me in other places as well. Perhaps I just have a generic look and there are thousands more who look like me. So much so, I’ve been badly mistaken for other people.

Many moons ago, a guy accosted me in a supermarket demanding to know why I had broken up with him. I had never seen him before and tried to explain that he had me confused with someone else.

“Oh, that’s perfect. Pretend you have no idea who I am. That’s just great.”

He got loud and angry and created enough of a scene to draw the attention of management. I even pulled out my driver’s license to prove to him my name was not Heather. He wouldn’t look at it.

Management escorted him outside where he camped in his pickup waiting for me to exit. When I was finished shopping, the manager walked me to my car, which apparently wasn’t the same make or model Heather drove, and the guy lit out of there like the law was after him.

I never have encountered a spirit version of myself, but I’ve seen plenty of look-a-likes.

The Ghost Hunters team didn’t find any either, but they did catch a shadow figure and a stack of letters written to the woman presumed to haunted the place. The letters told the tragic story of a woman in love with a married man who would not leave his wife as he once promised. She took her life shortly after receiving the final letter but no one knows for sure that this was the cause.

Jason Hawes and his team are the originals every paranormal group has tried to duplicate, but can’t. They and their doppelgangers are welcome in my home any time.

Here’s an extended look at doppelgangers:


One thought on “Doppelgangers

  1. I really enjoyed last night’s show as well. I’ve seen that house/family on another paranormal show that gave a little bit more of the background to the story. It was really interesting and I knew what was going on when GH came on last night. I thought it was great and like you said there is no one that can be like GH, they are the originals. I was looking forward to the show for a while. Have you read any of my 31 Days of Spook on my blog? I did a little posting about GH yesterday with a true story from daddy. XOXO – Bacon

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