Haunted Highway is Back

‘Haunted Highway’ sneak peek

Watching last night’s episode of Haunted Highway, where the team investigated a sunken cemetery at the Island of Lost Souls in the Dry Tortugas, I picked up one thing this team has mentioned that might be incorrect. They seem to think poltergeist activity is malicious or aggressive activity that comes from angry ghosts. From my understanding, a poltergeist is an entity created by someone living, not dead. Usually someone with psychic abilities (which most people possess but don’t utilize) who is angry, depressed, or suffering in some way, creates this energy from their distress. It becomes a separate entity from the living person and can grow larger, stronger, and more powerful as it merges with other negative energy in which it comes into contact. The dead are not poltergeists. I may be wrong, but that is what I have picked up in my travels.

In spite of that minor detail, I was excited to see this team back in action, especially Jack Osbourne who was diagnosed with MS in the middle of shooting last season. He looks none the worse for wear and appears to be coping well. Let’s hope Syfy does not splice this into a mini season.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving in the States, enjoy and pace yourself. Honor your ancestors. Have a Paranormal Thanksgiving!



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