More Exocisms Than Ever


Part of me is grateful, because this is needed. The other part is saddened that it has become so necessary. The result of dabblers.  You know from past posts how I feel about dabblers.

But I can’t emphasize this enough, so . . .

A Pagan friend once invited me to a ritual that was supposed to be a positive cleansing event. I was curious. But it was a disaster. The emcee was unprepared, attendees were disrespectful, and at the end someone boldly announced, “Next week I’ll be conjuring the Devil.” Applause followed. I couldn’t leave fast enough. But that wasn’t the end of the experience.

When I got home, I had stabbing pains in my back and side, skull crushing headache, and nausea. And so did the people I went with. We could only assume that the deity called had been angered by such irreverence. We made apologies, smudged with sage, and made offerings of food and flowers in an effort to make amends for the botched ceremony.

If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t dabble.

Here’s the link on the church training more exorcists.

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