Is Evil in the Mind or Outside it?

Sigmund Freud LIFE.jpg

Freud declared evil to be in the mind. (I think he claimed everything was in the mind.) Yet some cultures and beliefs believe evil (or demon) resides in individuals. Is evil a human condition, a mental/emotional problem, or a demon camped out in a body?

Here’s an interesting piece:


2 thoughts on “Is Evil in the Mind or Outside it?

  1. I’m ever the skeptic, but I’ve always been deeply interested in the paranormal.

    I don’t think that evil has to come strictly from either side – there are bad people, and there are good people. Maybe we as humans just don’t like to think that was can truly be as bad as our worst without something else driving it. I think that, sometimes, we are. It’s not a demon, or anything other than the dingiest, darkest parts of human nature. But you can’t have the good without the bad.

    Not long ago I listened to a re-run of a Darkness Radio episode about John Lennon’s killer, and the possibility that he might have been possessed, that something demonic used him to ‘collect John Lennon’s soul.’ I’m not saying I believe it, or that I don’t, but it’s an interesting venue to explore.

    1. I approach everything as a skeptic until I have first hand experience. I believe a good percentage of cases are mental. But I have had a couple encounters with people where something appeared to overtake them. Their eyes went black and their whole demeanor and personality changed. One of those “must see it to believe it” things. So I do believe outside energies can step in. I don’t like the word demon.

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