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Without seeing the lower extremities, this could easily be a hoax. If it is, it looks pretty good to me.

Saskatchewan Sasquatch?

And there is a new software that can be used to determine if it is a hoax or not! Take a look.

New Software Can Detect Bigfoot Hoax Videos




A relationship forms between a gifted young girl and a man sprung from prison who has been tasked with protecting her from the evil elements that hunt her power.

Creators: Alfonso Cuarón, Mark Friedman
Stars: Johnny Sequoyah, Jake McLaughlin, Delroy Lindo

NBC’s Believe has great potential, if they can keep the momentum going after the chase ends. The problem with that is they have set up the chase to potentially take years. And this will tire the audience out in a hurry. The best hope for this series is that the audience falls in love with the relationship between the lead characters, and the twists keep coming.

I’m an Alfonso Cuarón fan. He directed my favorite film of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, and most recently, Gravity. So I was excited the he was producing a series. But I’d rather have him direct.

What drew me to this series was the character of Bo, the gifted child, played by Johnny Sequoyah. Her ESP and telekinetic powers are off the charts. These powers would be difficult for anyone to manage. For a child, this can be super tough. But the beauty is that the audience gets to delight in her discoveries, through the wonder-filled eyes of a child. She does not yet know all that she’s capable of, much less how to control the powers she does have. The question the creators want us to ask is: What is she capable of? Then, what would motivate her to use her capabilities for good or for ill?

Bo is partnered with an adult guardian, Tate, who has been rescued from death row just before he’s scheduled to die. Who would be more motivated to run and keep running but a death row inmate? We don’t know his back story yet. Only that he claims to be innocent of whatever landed him in prison.

We know the people who have orchestrated the duo’s flight together used to work for the institute that helps train gifted children like Bo, while studying her powers. But the audience is left to assume these might be bad guys, because they want the best and brightest charge back in their control (or protection) badly. A few defectors from this group are trying to keep Bo from their grasp. But if they have resources, then why place such a valuable child with a man who has none? Paternity is not enough for me.

The third episode offered back story on Bo’s origin. In my opinion, the series should have begun with this information instead of keeping it back to create suspense. I understand that you need to open in the thick of trouble, but there appeared to be plenty from the beginning of the story. To that end, I don’t care for swooping in to save Bo when any police or government agents get too close. I would rather they allow Tate to be resourceful and street smart than see a team come running to the rescue.

I can believe in Bo’s abilities and that there might even be a secret program like this for the exploration of supernatural powers. What I can’t believe is that the team with the resources to procure apartments and fake ID’s can’t also front them a few bucks to keep the kid fed. The writers have made the unbelievable the believable and left common sense in the dust.

The more I get to know Bo and her abilities, the more I like the character and cheer for her to not get caught so she can do good deeds for people. That is the point, using power for good over evil. She’s a normal kid, for the most part. Kids get hungry, tired, and will eventually fall ill because of the lack of these things. So would I as an adult. Perhaps the writers don’t have children. I don’t either, but I couldn’t imagine being on the lamb without a way to keep her fed and rested without whining or crankiness.

Remember Touch with Kiefer Sutherland? It didn’t last, possibly because audiences couldn’t identify with the gifted child who didn’t speak. I couldn’t, hard as I tried. I can identify with Bo’s situation and sensibilities in Believe. But I don’t see how long they can remain fugitives without wearing out the characters and the audience quickly. My fingers are crossed that they can get control of this runaway train before the network runs it out on a rail, and the rest of us are left wondering what we didn’t know about the back story.


What is a Banshee?


noun: banshee; plural noun: banshees

1.(in Irish legend) a female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death in a house.

This from Hubpages:

A Banshee is called many things and goes by many names. Including Banshee, Banshi, Benshee, a female fairy, Woman of Peace, Lady of Death, the Angel of Death, the White Lady of Sorrow, the Nymph of the Air, or the Spirit of the Air.

Whatever you call her, she is one thing, and one thing alone. A Banshee is a disembodied spirit; a ghost, in other words. Some Irish believe that the souls of the departed do not get taken from this earth, but dwell here, and are tied here. They either enjoy the happiness of a life well lived, or if during their life, they lived a life of sin, they were forced to suffer punishment. The spirits of the bad are restrained; forced to pay for their sins in areas near where these sins were committed.

Banshees are spirits still tied to earthly matters. They are said to attend only to the old families. Banshees are believed to follow the family, either with good intent or ill, until every last descendant has died and been buried. Though it is said that a Banshee will not follow family members to foreign lands, instead sticking to the lovely shores of Ireland. They either had strong ties to their family, and a desire in death to watch over them, or in life, they had reasons to hate their family. This gives us two distinct types of Banshees.

The Friendly Banshee

A ‘friendly Banshee’ is one who in life, had strong ties to her family, and in death, felt the need to watch over them, and keep close to them. A friendly Banshee is not the horrible, scary thing we imagine. Banshees are rarely seen, but are said to at times show themselves. They are said to be seen as young, beautiful women, with pale faces, either black or golden hair, and long, flowing, white garments.

The song, because that is what it really is, of a friendly Banshee is sorrowful and longing. It is filled with love and concern for those she loves. It is a warning to her loved ones.

It is believed that a Banshee’s song can be heard in the few days leading up to the death of a family member. The wails, or songs, are most often heard at night, and fairly often, the song is only heard by the one who the warning is intended for. A Banshee sings her song in warning to her family of the death of a beloved family member.

A Not So Friendly Warning

On the other end of the spectrum is a Banshee we are all a little more familiar with. Remember that image you had in your head of a Banshee? This is a lot more in line with that.

A ‘hateful Banshee’ in life, had reasons to hate her family, and in death, is a dreaded visitor by the members of the family against which she has hate or anger. She is seen as an ugly and twisted, with distorted features and hate pouring from every line on her face. The screaming howls of a hateful Banshee are enough to make your blood run cold. Imagine the scariest witch from the scariest movie you have ever seen. Now make her even uglier, scarier, and screaming un-earthly howls at you on a dark night.

Rather than provide warning of the death of a family member, a hateful Banshee is screaming in spiteful, hateful celebration as a member of the family meets his or her end. It may come as a warning, but a dire, frightening warning.

A Belief Fades

No one is sure how a Banshee obtains her prophetic knowledge, though there are theories out there. Some believe that each family member has a silent attendant, an observer, who follows them and reports information back to the Banshee. This is not a widely held believe, and belief in Banshees altogether is fading.

At one time, Banshees were held in regard as a firm belief, and to not believe was blasphemous. With the passage of time, and the disappearance of numerous noble Irish names, some that have died out, and some that have gone off to other lands, the Banshee has fallen into myth and superstition.

If ever you venture to the Emerald Isle, and you happen to be out and about at night, take a listen. You may just hear the haunting song, or the frightening wails of a Banshee. But, be warned, for she foretells only death.


Banshee’s for St. Patrick’s Day

duckett castle

This description of Duckett Grove Castle is courtesy of http://paranormalstories.blogspot.com

The story of a spectacular castellated Gothic castle complete with gardens, towers, thirty rooms and statues expanding over 12,000 acres beings with a man named Thomas Duckett. While not the first Duckett to arrive in Ireland, he purchased a 500 acre small town on the northern edge of the Lake District known as Kneestown from Thomas Crosthwaite of Cockermouth in 1695. Crosthwaite had obtained extensive land property in Ireland under the Acts of Settlement of 1666 to 1684 during the reign of Charles II.

Thomas married Judith de la Poer, heiress to her father’s estates in County Waterford. However, it was his grandson William’s marriage that turned things around for the Duckett family. William married Elisabeth Dawson-Coates, co-heiress of wealthy Dublin banker John Dawson-Coate in 1790. The couple had four sons. On November 19, 1895, William remarried at the age of 73 to Maria Georgina Thompson. He died on June 22, 1908 and was the last family member to be buried in the family burial ground at Knocknacree.

The mansion house at Duckett’s Grove was built during the 1700s, replacing a smaller house. In 1830, William acquired the services of architect Thomas A. Cobden to Gothicise the family estate to include Gothic towers, turrets, arches, niches, crenulations, loops, high-stacked chimneys, statues, urns and oriel windows. During a time when labor was cheap, tradesmen were paid about 9 shillings a week, about the same amount earned by farm workers. Eleven men were employed full-time maintaining the lawns, gardens and drives leading to the mansion from its three gate-lodges on the Castledermot Road, The Iron House and The Western Gate. After William’s death, the castle was left to his widow in absence of a male heir. She abandoned the property in 1916.

The estate was put under the management of an agent until 1921. A group of local farmers and laborers under the umbrella of the Killerig Land Committee, purchased the estate with a £32,000 loan from the Bank of Ireland. By 1925, the Killerig farmers had failed to agree on the division of the land and no repayments of interest or capital had been made to the Bank. On June 20th of the same year, the Bank issued all the committee members with a bill for £38,217.18.6, with a threat that legal action would be taken against them. Two years later, the Land Commission took over the estate, cleared the bank debt.

Sometime in the 1920s, the property was used as a training camp for the Irish Republican Army. When the Land Commission purchased the estate, the bank retained the mansion and eleven acres of land, which was sold in 1931 to Frederick George Thompson of Hanover Works, Carlow for £320. Some of the outbuildings were demolished and the granite was used in the building of a new Christian Brothers school in Carlow town called named Bishop Foley National School. The remaining outbuildings were used as stables and a riding school by Frances Brady who occupied a wing of the old mansion until the estate was purchased by Carlow County Council.

There are several stories attached to Duckett Grove giving it a well rounded paranormal history. One of the main stories is that of the banshee. In Irish folklore, the banshee is an ancestral spirit associated with certain Irish families who forewarns death in the family with a recognizable wail. She’s often known to have long flowing hair and wears cloaks or shrouds. She is also known to use a comb to lure people. If you touch the comb, you’ll suffer dire consequences.

In this particular case, Duckett Grove’s banshee is supposedly that of a woman who William Duckett had an affair with. She was the daughter of a farmer who died while riding her horse. After her death, her mother put the “Widow’s Curse” on William and thus the Duckett Banshee was born. She’s seen and heard throughout the property. Witnesses even claimed to have heard her wail for two days straight from one of the towers. As a result of this, a woman walking on a path on the property died suddenly. A former caretaker saw the banshee several times in the mansion. She became very fearful of the entity and abandoned the property, never returning. A man saw and heard the banshee in the walled garden. His mother died the next day.

A man on horseback was riding by Duckett Grove when his horse suddenly stopped and stared at the gate. The horse wouldn’t budge until the man placed his rosary on the animal. It, then, felt safe enough to continue on the journey. It’s unknown why the horse was so fascinated with the property. A mysterious fire broke out on April 20, 1933, reducing the mansion to ruins. Interesting enough, people witnessed smoke coming from the mansion a week earlier. Their swift actions put the blaze out, saving it. Luck would not be on their side twice. The origins of the second fire was never determined.

The Banshee is not the only entity supposedly haunting Duckett Grove. Members of the Duckett family and servants have also been seen and heard throughout the property. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing mysterious lights, noises, voices, shadows, apparitions, and sounds of servants working in the kitchen. There is also reports of a phantom horse and carriage seen in the front of the castle.

Currently, Duckett Grove is being renovated by the Carlow County Council. You can keep up-to-date with their efforts by visiting their website: http://www.duckettsgrove.eu/. Destination Truth did a live episode in 2011: p://twitpic.com/photos/dtlive.


Where is Flight MH370?

With all the technology in the world now, how does an airliner with 239 people aboard vanish off the face of the earth? The plane had radio contact, radar, satellite imagery, tracking devices, and experienced crew. Not to mention a plane full of people with phones. This kind of occurrence doesn’t seem possible in the 21st century.

Although there is probably an explanation, this is the kind of event that will be viewed with a suspicious paranormal eye. Before the world of technology, boats, planes, and people who vanished without a trace were sometimes believed to be abducted by aliens or sucked into some sort of mysterious energy vortex such as The Bermuda Triangle.

My husband flies almost weekly for his job. I just flew last week and have to go again next month. Seeing a plane full of people disappear is disturbing. They had families waiting for them, projects pending, and lives to get to. The unexplained can happen at any moment. I can’t do anything but pray for those people. I can also be more present in my own life and appreciate every moment I have with those I love. As aware as I am that any moment could be my last, I refuse to live in fear. I’ll get on every plane with optimism and the belief that life goes forward, even after I leave this world for another.

Here’s a link of the lastest known data: