Where is Flight MH370?

With all the technology in the world now, how does an airliner with 239 people aboard vanish off the face of the earth? The plane had radio contact, radar, satellite imagery, tracking devices, and experienced crew. Not to mention a plane full of people with phones. This kind of occurrence doesn’t seem possible in the 21st century.

Although there is probably an explanation, this is the kind of event that will be viewed with a suspicious paranormal eye. Before the world of technology, boats, planes, and people who vanished without a trace were sometimes believed to be abducted by aliens or sucked into some sort of mysterious energy vortex such as The Bermuda Triangle.

My husband flies almost weekly for his job. I just flew last week and have to go again next month. Seeing a plane full of people disappear is disturbing. They had families waiting for them, projects pending, and lives to get to. The unexplained can happen at any moment. I can’t do anything but pray for those people. I can also be more present in my own life and appreciate every moment I have with those I love. As aware as I am that any moment could be my last, I refuse to live in fear. I’ll get on every plane with optimism and the belief that life goes forward, even after I leave this world for another.

Here’s a link of the lastest known data:



2 thoughts on “Where is Flight MH370?

  1. Sadly, I believed from day one it was taken by hijackers. A plane won’t climb to 45K feet on its own. Perfect to kill a group of people all at once before anyone suspects anything. I wish I could go the “sucked into a vortex” route with this. But I think some bad people needed a really big plane to do really bad things.

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