Pet Spirit Photo

I’m always skeptical of photos, but here’s another I find interesting. Does it show what we want to see? What the eye sees from the photo by its side? Or is this phenomena possible? Click the link at the bottom and read the story behind it before you decide.

spirit dog

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Water Photo of a Spirit?

Water photo

You know how I feel about photos – hard to believe any of them with all the software capability to which the general public has access. But I found this compelling. And just plain cool to look at.

Here’s the story from Huff Paranormal:

I was feeling a massive presence in my kitchen about 1 hour and 15 minutes from the start of the group session. I decided to go into my room and attempt some water ITC. For those who are not familiar with this, it is a form of spirit photography. I have had great success with this in the past and do not do it very often, maybe 3 times per year.

I took a bowl of water and a backlight, turned out my lights and put on some meditation music.

I asked for the spirit who was near me in my kitchen to show themselves in the water. This is the photo that resulted. I am amazed as I see very clearly a younger boys face with darkened eyes, nose and mouth, even head shape. It also appears to maybe be wings under his head.

This never ceases to amaze me and after I saw this image on my computer I felt very emotional..and sad. It just hit me for a couple of minutes and went away.


Monster Week

It’s Monster Week on Animal Planet with shows like Finding Bigfoot and Monsters and Mysteries in America and Mountain Monsters.

So here’s my question:

If there are so many groups out there hunting Bigfoot, why haven’t any of them thought to bring a tranquilizer gun?

If they are desperate to prove Bigfoot really exists and they get close to one, wouldn’t it be a good idea to be prepared to take some close-ups, hair and fingernail clippings, a DNA swab, and if it’s still snoozed out, a blood sample?

If they can tranq and tag bears, elephants, and whales, couldn’t they tranq a Squatch – if they can find one?

I know these items are not acquired at the local Walmart, but there are scientists out there hunting. Someone must have access to a dart rifle and some veterinary meds.

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Three year old Remembers Past Life?

As many past life regressions as I’ve done with people, I’m still on the fence about whether we really have lived before, or whether we just tap into the collective consciousness and latch onto the life and memories belonging to someone else. Isn’t the collective consciousness a big library of experiences?

I’m a fan of Dr. Brian Weiss. I’ve read his books, gone to his lectures, even studied hypnosis at a school he recommended. There is no story more compelling than the case of Catherine in his first book Many Lives, Many Masters.

The past life love story of two of his clients in Only Love is Real is even jaw dropping.

Even with such case studies out there I still can’t help but wonder if extraordinary detail really equals memory. Are these really this child’s memories or has he unconsciously tapped into someone else’s?

Here’s the story of child finding the body and the murder weapon that killed the deceased.

Do you believe past life memories only come from your soul’s experiences or the collective unconsciousness?

Just Plain Strange

Survivorman – Bigfoot

Standing Bigfoot

Anyone else see it? I’ve been down sick, which helped me catch up on shows that I’d taped. When the show got to the footage I had the luxury of rewinding and watching it several times before jumping to my conclusion. Unbelievable.

Am I so jaded that I will never believe any video footage to be real?

Todd Standing seemed knowledgeable enough to believe. And who would go to the lengths (and expense) of trekking so deep into the Canadian wilderness only to perpetrate an elaborate hoax?

I went trolling to see if anyone else felt like I did about the crystal clear, blinking Bigfootage. Low and behold, complete with the video clips, the folks were doubting it bigtime. were on it like ants on sugar.

Here’s a link to Todd Standing’s site:

Until he drags a body back to a science lab for analysis, I’m not buying it.