Survivorman – Bigfoot

Standing Bigfoot

Anyone else see it? I’ve been down sick, which helped me catch up on shows that I’d taped. When the show got to the footage I had the luxury of rewinding and watching it several times before jumping to my conclusion. Unbelievable.

Am I so jaded that I will never believe any video footage to be real?

Todd Standing seemed knowledgeable enough to believe. And who would go to the lengths (and expense) of trekking so deep into the Canadian wilderness only to perpetrate an elaborate hoax?

I went trolling to see if anyone else felt like I did about the crystal clear, blinking Bigfootage. Low and behold, complete with the video clips, the folks were doubting it bigtime. were on it like ants on sugar.

Here’s a link to Todd Standing’s site:

Until he drags a body back to a science lab for analysis, I’m not buying it.

5 thoughts on “Survivorman – Bigfoot

  1. It’s hard to believe anything Bigfoot related anymore. I’m with you on this, body or no deal!

  2. I think the people in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop challenge create things that look absolutely life-like. The one’s Standing has are, well, outdated. I just wonder what motivates someone to risk hoaxing to begin with.

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