Three year old Remembers Past Life?

As many past life regressions as I’ve done with people, I’m still on the fence about whether we really have lived before, or whether we just tap into the collective consciousness and latch onto the life and memories belonging to someone else. Isn’t the collective consciousness a big library of experiences?

I’m a fan of Dr. Brian Weiss. I’ve read his books, gone to his lectures, even studied hypnosis at a school he recommended. There is no story more compelling than the case of Catherine in his first book Many Lives, Many Masters.

The past life love story of two of his clients in Only Love is Real is even jaw dropping.

Even with such case studies out there I still can’t help but wonder if extraordinary detail really equals memory. Are these really this child’s memories or has he unconsciously tapped into someone else’s?

Here’s the story of child finding the body and the murder weapon that killed the deceased.

Do you believe past life memories only come from your soul’s experiences or the collective unconsciousness?


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