Monster Week

It’s Monster Week on Animal Planet with shows like Finding Bigfoot and Monsters and Mysteries in America and Mountain Monsters.

So here’s my question:

If there are so many groups out there hunting Bigfoot, why haven’t any of them thought to bring a tranquilizer gun?

If they are desperate to prove Bigfoot really exists and they get close to one, wouldn’t it be a good idea to be prepared to take some close-ups, hair and fingernail clippings, a DNA swab, and if it’s still snoozed out, a blood sample?

If they can tranq and tag bears, elephants, and whales, couldn’t they tranq a Squatch – if they can find one?

I know these items are not acquired at the local Walmart, but there are scientists out there hunting. Someone must have access to a dart rifle and some veterinary meds.


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