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Sicilian Mummy Opens Her Eyes

child mummy

A cool but creepy sight for Sunday!

Click the link to watch the video.


Day in the life, Non Para Things

Memories Can Be Passed Through DNA

There is a video describing how they arrived at this conclusion at the bottom of the article. (Disturbing animal testing.) But this information explains so much about why we behave the way we do, for good or for ill.


Day in the life, Meta Stuff

The Glass: Half Full or Empty?

Image courtesy of Getty Images

I read an article where the interviewee was asked if he was a “glass is half full” or a “glass if half empty” person?

I’ve never liked “this or that” questions.

To my mind, it should be about perspective. Indulge me a moment.

Say there is milk in the glass – half full or half empty. If the glass happens to be tall and you wish to dunk cookies into the milk, you may view the glass as half empty because you can’t get the cookie deep enough to reach the milk without losing it to dissolve into sediment.

If, like me, you happen to be allergic to cow’s milk, you may view the glass has half full of something you can’t have, and must dispose of for your own safety. Or you could be thankful that it is already half empty.

If there is port wine in the glass, you may view it as a boon since port is powerfully fortified and usually served in thimble-sized glasses. Not so great for those who avoid alcoholic beverages.

The same goes for dirt, chocolate buttons, toothpicks, tapioca, paint brushes, birdseed, felt-tipped pens, brown sugar, goose feathers, arsenic or Guinness.

If the glass represents the empty vessel of an individual, should we not be more concerned about the value of what we are pouring into the glass instead of the quantity?

Whether food, knowledge, or experience, whatever we choose to fill our glasses with should be for our growth, nourishment, and benefit.

After each use, we can wash the glass and choose what to place in it again. Sometimes all we need is a taste. Others, a refill.

I’d rather view the glass as my available space to pour from the pitcher of my choosing.

Now, what to select first today?