Russian Yeti

Russian Yeti

The Discovery Channel ran a show called Russian Yeti, The Killer Lives. This was based on a guy who wanted to solve the mystery of the nine students that were brutally killed in Siberia in 1959, one of which had her tongue pulled out.

The summary of his investigation was that a Sasquatch-like creature locals called a Menk was provoked by a missile explosion nearby. It went a little nuts defending its territory when it came upon the camp of the nine students. All of these events were pieced together on speculation, but the more they showed documentation, the more the theory made sense. Local tribes said Menks dined on the soft interior organ of deer and other animals. Guts or offal, as today’s chefs call it.

That was the first time I’d heard this. That makes sense for an animal who is possibly an omnivore, who has not discovered the benefits of fire, to prefer softer organic substances. Raw venison would be a little chewy, and fur covered.

The investigators traveled to the student’s campsite and found a cave nearby that might easily have been a Menk shelter. Inside they found moss beds made from tufts brought in from outside. One fairly fresh. So they did what any good investigator would do and pitched a tent right in that cave to wait for Mr. Menk to come home for the evening. Something did, but only sounds were captured on film.

This was my biggest problem. Why would these people go to all the trouble and expense of getting to such a remote area in Siberia and not bring cameras to set up outside the mouth and inside the cave itself that could have been retrieved days later? Or even to place outside their tent to capture whatever approached it? Did they forget a case with their cameras? I don’t understand how this happened.

Did they take samples of the moss to see if there was hair that could be tested? Not that they mentioned. Why not?

I know it’s easy to be an armchair critic, but if I’m going to great lengths and expense to travel to such a place, and risk my life in the acquisition of proof, I would hope I’d be better prepared.

For the investigators to conclude “the killer lives” is presumptuous in that the murders occurred in 1959, and they could only speculate that the Menk was the killer of the students. The very creature, if it was a Menk, might be dead by now.

I enjoyed this piece as it pieced together the theory. I did not care for the reenactment of the murdered students. It’s worth a look when they rerun it again.

9 thoughts on “Russian Yeti

  1. This is an interesting TV program. However, I was left with a lot of questions and an unsolved mystery . When I watched this I thought to myself,

    -Why are there no cameras posted on the outside/inside of the cave?.
    -If the Yeti ate the eyeballs and tongue of at least one student why not eat them all?
    -Did the government tamper with the evidence (students notes/cameras/tent area etc)?
    -Why didn’t they have an more experts such as a Pathologist/Forensics experts etc?
    questions, questions……..

    But this documentary and investigation I would say is worth watching especially if you like phenomenon and/or unsolved crimes/mysteries.

  2. I’m with you, Reg. The piecing together of events to come up with the theory was well done. But without cameras, why go to all that expense, travel, and weather exposure?

    I understand only taking a choice piece of meat, but why only take the tongue of the one and not the rest? Just last night on Finding Bigfoot, Cliff told a woman not to fear Bigfoot. It wouldn’t do anything to her. But after seeing this show, I have to wonder what would provoke an attack. Yet if these creatures are more like humans than other animals, it might not take much for it to attack.

  3. I so agree with your evaluation and review of this program. I can’t help but add my own questions to yours,#1 question is in the past 55 years no other attacks have been recorded so what did these students have to do to make them the unlucky target of this “Yeti”? I was also angry that no disclaimer was put on the video they kept showing.It gave the impression that this video was shot by the students when all they had was photo’s. These speculative shows are interesting but they need to tone down the “reality” aspect of the whole thing.

    1. The videos of the students being attacked and panicking in the tent etc regularly had “renactment” or similar flash up on the screen? I agree with the points of others that cameras should have been used outside of the tent, that was a foolish endeavour.

      1. As that event occurred in the sixties, they had to re-enact those portions. But the journalists not setting up cameras outside their tent when they camped inside the cave was way stupid on their part.

  4. Good questions, Lynda. They suggested that the missile activity nearby was what might have provoked the attack and the students had the bad luck of being in the vicinity. The re-enactment film clips should have been declared as such.

    Good point about there not being any other reported attacks – anywhere. However, if you happen to come face to face with a creature much larger than you, I wouldn’t do anything to provoke it. A frightened animal, any size, can do serious harm just trying to flee. A startled animal will defend itself.

  5. My husband and I were watching this show again and I picked up on something I missed earlier.When they were trying to provoke the Yet I at the end Mike and Anna came upon a dead elk…well I would swear it looked a lot like the sepia image they passed off in the “‘reenactment” shots.Seems like someone could have edited a little better.

  6. As well as they told the story, you would think a couple journalists would have been more skilled in the presentation, AND trying to capture and collect evidence. But they probably had producers in the editing room making decisions on what would play best. And they are not scientists. (But you’d think they would have talked to a couple so they’d know what to look for.)

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