Would you live in a serial killer’s house?

I heard about this story on the radio this morning. A woman was watching the report on television and recognized, not her house, but her dining room table.

The woman had rented the house without being told that it had been the former house of a serial killer who tortured and killed women in the basement. Between 12 and 20 victims! Who rented this house to her without disclosing the previous owner? The killer’s mother. Apparently, there was no state law requiring full disclosure.

If this happened to you, would you be able to continue living there?

The renter wanted to break the lease, but the owner wouldn’t allow it, until she got other authorities involved. Then the owner backed off.

I can’t imagine how horrible I would feel knowing people had been tortured and lost their lives in the space supposed to be my sanctuary. Residual energy can stick to objects and property. Just ask John Zaffis (The Haunted Collector) about that.

Food for thought, the next time you go looking for your next home, rental or not. Do your research. Ask questions. Be sure. Or you might end up needing the services of people like Amy and Steve from The Dead Files.

Fortunately, this renter is moving.




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