Where Do Your Beliefs Originate?

shadows-5-600x600 (Image by D?nito)

“I’m afraid to go to sleep.”

“Why?” I asked the young woman who seemed genuinely upset about hearing and seeing things she couldn’t explain.

“I watched this show where a family was tormented by an evil entity, and I had a psychic tell me that I attract that kind of stuff.”
“And where do your beliefs on evil entities come from?”
She shrugged.

“Do you have a specific spiritual practice?”

“No. I had a really strict Christian upbringing where everything was going to send me straight to hell, but I fell far away from religion.”

“So where does your knowledge of evil entities come from?”
“TV and movies, I guess.”


That was just a sliver of the conversation. She relaxed a little when I reminded her that most of what was scripted in television and movies came from creative minds with a vested interest in scaring the pecan stuffing out of viewers. Entertainment is primarily fictional. Even if the story has some basis in fact, nothing paranormal can be proven with any physical evidence. And with entertainment being a marketing industry that benefits from promoting the sale of goods and services, an educated consumer does his/her research before blindly buying into any suggestions.

Everyone loves a ghost story. But how many cases are from evil entities?

There have been many ghost hunting programs that claim to be as authentic as they are intriguing, but use common sense when viewing. Some groups go into an investigation assuming a haunting. Others go in assuming a logical explanation. Let’s face it. You can’t sneeze without hitting an acre of land that someone hasn’t died on or been buried near. But not everyone’s home is built over a battleground or ancient burial site.

I’ve had a number of experiences, still I hesitate to label them as anything more that authentic to me, questioning their reality until a recurrence. But I’m one who must have the experience myself to fully believe anything. I’m dying for someone to bring back physical evidence of Bigfoot. Unless I have my own encounter, or someone drags home a body, I’ll remain a skeptic with a healthy curiosity.

As my conversation continued with young woman above, I suggested she learn as much as possible on psychic protection, since she believes she has abilities. Once she feels safe, she can explore the existence of evil entities. If she doesn’t, she should steer clear of things that frighten her, remaining curious, but not gullible. At least until she has her own personal encounter.

Don’t believe everything you see on screen or read. Be smart and make your own inquiries. Watch movies and television with an open mind, but allow your gut to weigh in as well. And remind yourself that being on television doesn’t automatically qualify a person as an expert.

Note: A reputable psychic would not deliver such information without further explaining to the querent how to proactively protect themselves. A great many disreputable psychics will ask for money (usually a sizable amount) to rid the person of their evil entity problem. Run from those. Run far. Run fast.

importantly, ask yourself where your beliefs came from. If they originate from the entertainment industry, remind yourself that the industry is designed to provoke emotion. If something you watched frightened you, they did their job well. Even if those beliefs came from your religious upbringing, you have Free Will to question everything and decide for yourself what rings true to you. Reserve the right to trust your own judgment.

As with buying a car or a computer, do your own research before buying. And you always reserve the right to change your mind.

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