Do You Believe in Past Lives?

Kit Carson

I just discovered Ghost Inside My Child on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network). It’s now in Season Two.

Each episode chronicles two separate children who, at a very young age, reported details of experiences of having been a different person.

Three in particular stood out as they were notable people and events in history, and easily researched.

The first young boy’s behavior from birth would have driven any parent mad. Every night he woke up screaming from nightmares in which he saw people burning. The only sleep the family could get was whenever he slept. Eventually the boy said his name was Kit and that he’d killed an Indian named Four Seas and burned many more. He was terribly depressed and remorseful over this. He became particularly distraught after visiting the site near the Trail of Tears. After his mother did some digging, she found that Kit Carson had been assigned to eliminate Indians for the white man. Those that were moved went on “The Long Walk” where many perished. A child under five would not have known such specific details.

A little girl, again under five, had a meltdown every time her mother tried to leave to go do errands. The child feared that her mother wouldn’t return. The family had no idea where this behavior might have come from and took her to a therapist. Nothing they tried changed the behavior. Gradually the child share details of having another mother, traveling by horse and wagon, taking care of many children, living with Indians – some bad, some good. Her mother found a woman named Olive Oatman had been taken hostage by a group of marauding Indians who murdered her family and burned their wagons. They treated her terribly. Eventually Olive was traded to another nation of Indians who treated her well, and let her care for many children. She had a tattoo on her chin marking her as being accepted into their tribe. When this little girl was shown a photograph of Olive Oatman with tattoo she responded, “That’s me.”

Olive Oatman

A third young girl had an unexplainable fear of flying. She spoke of a plane hitting a building. Her mother had been six months pregnant with her when 9/11 occurred. When Mom asked her daughter if she remembered which building the plane hit, the girl said The Empire State building. The child’s taste in clothing seemed to be from another era as well, and she had memories of being a secretary, possibly named Anna. When Mom went looking for data, she was shocked to find that a plane had indeed hit The Empire State building, in 1945. There was no memorial for the event, but records revealed that ten women were killed, most of them secretaries. And there was one Anna. After visiting the building and reading the data, the girl was content to believe she had been this woman in a past life, and was able to let go of her fear of flying.

Having been a hypnotherapist, I’m fascinated by the concept of past lives. This may be the best explanation for child genius. And if a person’s subconscious mind accepts that their fear was generated from a life they no longer have to live, it can vanish like smoke. I worked with many people who had knowledge of places and people in other time periods. Believing in a past life can be healing and transformative. But as a born skeptic, I still wonder if we only have part of the answer. A part of me still wonders if our consciousness taps into the “all that is” energy and melds into someone else’s experience and memory. Can we actually say that we lived before? Or does our mind choose to connect with a specific person’s consciousness in the great unknown?

Brian Weiss’s book Many Lives, Many Masters presented a compelling argument for reincarnation. His book Only Love is Real is still one of my favorite love stories.

Do you believe you’ve lived before?


2 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Past Lives?

    1. That sounds very close to this story, Vanessa. I really hope a mother didn’t see that film and coach her child. I think past lives are possible, and that child would be more open to them early in life. They have yet to be cluttered by the opinions and beliefs of adults around them. But a part of me wonders about whether people are tapping into the greater consciousness where everyone’s memories and experiences live, and not necessarily their own. But the details these kids provide in these shows are compelling. With television, you always have to question if the kids were provided information.

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