New in Ghost Television

angels au

On Sunday, TLC premiered Angels Among Us right after Long Island Medium. Same kind of show with a different personality. I thought, well, Rosie’s not as loud as Theresa. Then they showed her at a party with her family, where she burst that bubble. This lady appears to think that every dead person is a guardian angel.

Stop and think about some of the people you don’t like, family or not. Now imagine them as guardian angels. Yeah.

I found this NY Times review, that included one of Ghost Asylum, that I wasn’t planning on watching. Why? I saw the teaser and it mentioned “capturing” ghosts – like Ghostbusters. Come on!

It’s rare that I agree with another reviewer, but in this case, we are aligned. Check it out:

2 thoughts on “New in Ghost Television

  1. Guardian Angels are not your loved ones coming back as Guarding Angels. Rosie Cepero must be a Mormon. This is the only religion that believes that. The rest of us in the world know that our Guardian Angels are not the souls of our dear departed. They are not one in the same as she says. Guardian Angels are assigned to you at birth. Angels never come from persons that have passed over they are not one in the same………….

    1. I’m with you, Joy. I can’t imagine angels as being human. Whole other species. But I hear people refer to their departed loved ones as “their guardian angel” often. I don’t think it really matters what you believe. I do believe we are protected by “someone” or something unexplainable.

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