“I Want To Put A Curse on Somebody!” she cried.


I work part time at a new age gift shop that supplies items for magical ritual and self enhancement. For the most part, the majority of patrons hail from the “harm none” community. But everything has its shadow side.

One customer announced in no uncertain terms, “I want to put a curse on somebody.” Then, of course, she wanted to know what ingredients needed to do this. Sorry, can’t help you. I don’t believe anyone has the right to interfere with someone else’s free will, unless my life is being threatened. I do believe in the right to defend myself.

But with diplomacy and grace the second-in-command sweetly asked, “Would you have wish someone to do this to you?”

The customer answered “no” then launched into the terrible tale of her target.

Here’s the thing: Two wrongs never make a right. Sometimes it can create a lengthy and costly battle that neither party wins. No matter how horribly someone treats you, doing anything to inflict harm as payback will only bite you in the butt down the road. And mirroring someone’s act of wrong-doing does not make you any better than they are. I have a lot of experience in that area.

Proactively attacking the problem with from a more positive position can produce a better result for all parties. I resisted this theory for many years, but with experimentation, I learned that the high road – while paved in self-righteousness and dusted with grains of conceit and judgment – is the safest, most diplomatic path away from injustice.

“You can catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar.” The same goes for kindness. Even angry, vengeful people find it difficult to not reciprocate when someone smiles at them and treats them kindly. If this behavior annoys them or makes them uncomfortable, they make a speedy exit. Walking away or removing yourself from the equation might be the only option to diffusing the drama.

In my youth I was a pretty miserable piece of work. My parents battled constantly and I was the alien being they had not planned on, but was stuck with. I was shoe-horned into jobs I hated for corporations I did not appreciate. Conformity did not allow me to live my truth and created some very dark, angry years. I had been mistreated, and in some instances, gave as good as I got. Always with regret. Yet, I never imagined actually “putting a curse” on anyone who abused or mistreated me. Fantasized, sure. But wishing that a person receives their comeuppance is different than initiating any form of retaliation.

Thankfully, in the case of the customer, my co-worker prescribed a manner of reversing the energy of the “bad guy” right back to them. The same principle as holding up mirror. Therefore, the negativity was deflected from her and “return to sender.”

It is perfectly human to have ill feelings against another, but search your conscience for the consequences of meddling with someone else. If you chose to proceed, use caution. Be prepared to battle more negative energies, to a higher degree, than had you left well enough alone.

If you don’t want to cover your behind, be kind.

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