Ghosts and the Like for Christmas: William T. Stead’s Real Ghost Stories

Wholeheartedly agree with his view” “the most careful and reverent spirit, and level-headed” actually practicing hypnosis and spiritualism. Dabbling can unleash a swarm of problems.


Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

William T. Stead William T. Stead

The well-known English writer, editor and spiritualist William T. Stead (1849-1912), who published magazines such as the London-based  Review of Reviews, published in 1891 a special Review of Reviews 1891Christmas edition of the Review entitled Real Ghost Stories that he edited himself. The publication, available here, had two sections entitled “The Ghost that Dwells in Each of Us,”and “The Census of Hallucinations,”as well as eleven chapters about psychic phenomena, most of which were about apparitional phenomena of different sorts, and an appendix: “Some Historical Ghosts.”

Stead Real Ghost Stories 3

The following are illustrations of the first page of some of the chapters.

Stead Real Ghost Stories Chapter 1

Stead Real Ghost Stories Chapter 5

Stead Real Ghost Stories Chapter 10

Stead Real Ghost Stories Appendix Some Historical Ghosts

Stead opened stating: “Many people will object — some have already objected—to the subject of this Christmas Number. It is an offence to some to take a ghost too seriously; with others it is a still greater offence not to…

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