Major Multi-tasker Measures Mindfulness

A Cooper

If you missed the 60 Minutes spot on Mindfulness, it’s worth a look, especially if you are contemplating how to begin your New Year with positive changes like simplifying your life. For a journalist like Anderson Cooper, constantly multi-tasking through his day, to admit that the practice of meditating and being mindful, improved his quality of life and changed his opinion on the benefits, is GINORMOUS.

I’m just as guilty of checking email while keeping one eye/ear on a television program. But you’ll never see me walking around out in the world with my head down looking at my phone. It’s sad to see people, especially parents with children, sitting at a restaurant, their attention on their devices, never engaging with each other. Don’t we get out of the house to be among others?

Definitely worth a look. And a good reminder for me to pull myself back in to my present experience, whether walking, eating, working, ghost hunting . . . pretty much anything.

And here are Anderson’s comments afterward about his experience.


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