Making Truth The Difference

Happy New Year All!

I used to be someone who made resolutions (with good intentions) and could only keep them short-term. I only have one this year: Live my truth. I think that if I’m walking my walk and talking my talk, it can set an example for anyone around me, and hopefully, create more of the same.

jane difference

I’ve admired Jane Goodall since childhood. (And she believes in Bigfoot!) In the 70’s, shows like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom would feature her work in Gombe with chimpanzees. Her message was always clear: animals are emotional creatures who should be as respected as humans. She was well aware of the ripples she made in the world, and made a career of bringing attention to the plight of animals as humans encroached into their habitat. As deforestation became a survivalist enterprise for human beings, it wasn’t enough for her to show people outside the region lovely footage of playful chimps hoping for empathy. People were barely surviving. It was “us” or “them,” the “humans” or the “animals.”  I wondered how she managed not to succumb to defeat with humans valued higher. But her stalwart conviction and positive mindset, “There’s always hope” continues. She is 80 and still travels more than 300 days a year to deliver her message to the world.

Most of us are not globe trotters or internationally known. We think because we see ourselves as “small” or leading small lives that we don’t have any significant impact. But that doesn’t mean our ripples aren’t felt in our own small spaces. Apathy doesn’t create anything. We can begin in our own homes and backyards. We can be true to ourselves and what we value. We can support large or small causes dear to our hearts instead of turning a blind eye or only doing what someone else decided was fashionable at the moment. We can figure out what matters to us personally and take one small action toward growing that, without worrying about what anyone else might think of it.

This year,I’m chucking selfish desires for striving to live my truth, remembering that every move I make can make a difference to someone. Even if that someone is only the dog.


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