Change isn’t just a season


“I’m baa-ck,” to quote the little girl in Poltergeist.

Many apologies for my extended absence. Life happens, and we never seem to be prepared when it happens to us. I’ve had to iron out some areas of my life and am now ready to resume after a reboot.

(The northern lights were suppose to be visible to where I live, but our weather had other plans for the night sky.)

northern lights 2

In the meantime, I’ve been exploring the shift in my direction. Like the seasons, I’ve been changing. I used to fancy myself a student of the paranormal, but I now think I am merely a tourist. Fascination from observation is not immersion. Although there were many periods where I submerged myself in supernatural waters, I have not devoted my life to the journey as others have. I’m not in the trenches digging with a shovel by lamplight.

I’ve come to recognize that my path is a lighter one. Though I will often step off of the path to peek down dark alleyways with a flashlight, I’m always pulled back to a more metaphysical road. One thing that hasn’t changed is my belief system, which I’ll be sharing down the road.

I wrestle with how much I should share without stressing the boundaries of online security. But part of my quandary in understanding others is the lack of true communication in online forums. It seems everyone has an opinion, but rarely one independent of others. Human beings crave acceptance, community, or unity with others of like mind. We don’t often get it in earnest.

I have always felt separate from most groups of people. Being in awe of humanity doesn’t necessarily mean I always love people. For as much as we seem to have in common, most of us turn our focus to our differences that seem to create great divides. I want to explore humanity while I’m still in the land of the living, both the light and dark sides. I want to examine different perspectives because I don’t think the light is possible without the dark. And there are great mysteries in both worlds. I’m curious about a lot of things, but mostly what harms, what helps, and what heals the human spirit.

Fall is my season, when the old fades to make room for the new. I’d like to grow into someone new, too. So I’ll be spending a little more time with the living instead of the dead. I’ll always chase a good mystery, but I plan to give equal time to enlightened elements. Hope you stick with me.

For now, get out of the Halloween candy.


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