Where Does the Time Go?


An old friend moved back to town. I thought she’d only been gone a year. But no. She’d been gone two.

My youngest sister is a generation apart from me. I remember her being a child. A few years later she became a chef. This week she announced that she is going to be a mom. What??

This year is nearly gone. I am in the final draft of a novel I had intended to publish last year, and it’s still not quite ready.

Has time sped up? I feel like the sand in my hourglass is pouring down faster than ever.

What to do?

Take a breath and know that the appearance of time is a matter of perspective. Don’t sweat it. Focus on the present and be as productive as possible while remembering to be grateful for everything going right in my life. There were many years where nothing went right. Thankfully, those are deep in the past.

If you live in the States, you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Even if you aren’t, remember to be thankful for everyone in your life, every moment you spend with loved ones, every lesson you learn from the bad times, every meal you enjoy that others might not have, and every joy you can find in your life. Be present. Pay attention. Take stock in things of importance. You never know when your last grain of sand will slip through your hourglass.


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