What if Someone Believed in You?

A lot of us grew up where dreams were just illusions not practical enough to pursue. And we were encouraged to walk paths not aligned with our desires. Budding artists might have heard weary parents warn “You’ll starve to death” for all the competition. Their advice was often based on their own fears. But the lucky ones are fortunate enough to meet teachers or mentors who encouraged them to believe that they could achieve anything.

What if someone had said, “I have faith in you. Go for it.” What path would your life have taken? Would you have prospered or starved? Would you come away with gratitude or regret even if you didn’t reach the desired out come?

We often dream of doing things our family and friends might not approve of. And sometimes, there might not be a single soul in our corner. So we have to believe in ourselves enough to strike out on our chosen path. Success shouldn’t be viewed as a pot of gold at the end of the road, but the fortitude you build from having faith in yourself to complete journey.  You will never reach the destination if you don’t make the trip.

I’ll leave you with a perfect example of this as being a gift, taken from an article published in McCall’s magazine in December of 1961, by Harper Lee.


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