Right-Minded Resolutions

Not the same

Starting your list already? Oh, how wonderful the new you will be.

Before you set a lot of good intentions that you might fall on in the first month of the new year, you may want to rethink a few. Thinking is the key to any resolution. Going into changes with “right mind” is the surest way to achieve them.

Weight is a whopper. The diet plan ads roll out the moment you put the fork on the plate of your holiday feast.  Every year that I set a weight loss goal, I wouldn’t reach it. I’d get a third of the way and get sick.  Probably because how I thought I was going to do it was not the proper way for my body.  My thinking was wrong. My head would always be thinking about what I couldn’t have, how bad I felt, what I was being denied instead of the good that might come of the change.

Resolutions aren’t all about “the doing” of the action. They begin with the thoughts required to produce the right action. If you get your mind right first, the action becomes secondary.

You’ve heard the old saying, “You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.”

No one mentions where your mind has to be – positive, constructive, and reassuring. Thoughts that are negative and critical will only derail you.

And will you get what you expected from the doing of it?

Figure out the reasons why you want to accomplish something. What will it do for you? Why? Then ask the honest question: Is this true? Will accomplishing this goal give me all that I think it will?

No goal that I ever achieved provided me with the benefits I expected.  Sometimes I would gain totally different gifts. Others I was left disappointed because my expectations were too high.

Think simply. What small action can I do today to get one step closer to my goal, and make me feel good for having done it? And have this thought every day.

Figure out the stepping stones and if you are willing to put the time into master each one (doing the time) while thinking about the progress – not the outcome. We all like the fastest, most direct path to anything. But skipping steps can make for a sloppy result, leaving egg on your face, and regret down the road.

Be honest with yourself about what you want to change in your life, and if the actions you plan will give you what you want.  Take time to think through your resolution list and include the stepping stones to attainment. Do you want to lose weight to look more attractive or to gain self-esteem? Because there other actions that can provide you with both of those things. Do you need to lose weight because your doctor said you had to? Then you need mentally tackle challenge number one: Getting past being told you have to.

Your thoughts become physical things that create feelings. The more “right feelings” you have, the more of a tailwind you’ll catch to take you there.

Energy flows where your thoughts go. If your thoughts go to the Dark Side, so will your outcome.



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