Beloved Losses

In the past three weeks the world has lost some serious creative talent.

Bassist and lead singer of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister

Singer, Actor David Bowie

Actor Alan Rickman

Actor, Musician and Singer for The Eagles, Glenn Frey

I find it interesting that they came from the same generation. One that believed in work hard, paying dues, and practicing craft instead of hoping to get picked in a game-show lottery.

Why do we grieve public figures and celebrities?

Was it their passion for their art? Their portrayal of heroes and villains? Standing up for their ideals? Going against the grain? Being themselves when it wasn’t cool? Striving to create instead of destroy?

I think it’s because they lived lives that the rest of us only dream of. We love that we were able to see a handful of mortals achieve greatness in a world that seems so far from real. We look up to them because they remind us of what is possible.

They remind me that we all create our own world, for good or for ill. And we can each create our own great.

I raise my glass to the talent who achieved their great. You will all be missed.


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