Super Bowl 50 – A Lesson in Humility

Living in North Carolina, I was inundated with interviews by Carolina Panthers. I had an overwhelming impression that the players felt as if the game would be a cake walk – that the Denver Broncos wouldn’t even be a challenge.

And Panthers’ always-camera-ready media darling Cam Newton walked and talked like the shining star everyone had placed all of their hopes and wishes on. With a twinkle in his eye and dazzling smile, he promised to bring home the bacon for North Carolina.

The cats stepped into the arena believing themselves the predators on the playing field. Panthers eat horse meat, don’t they?

But they underestimated the power of the herd.

Herd mentality is about following a leader. And when the leader has his wits about him and certainty, the herd becomes a force. The Denver Broncos were not the heralded dream team with a nearly perfect season. They weren’t resting on any laurels. They came out of the shoot fired up and prepared for the teeth the Panthers claimed to have.

If you’ve ever encountered a herd of worked of hooved animals, you know the force with which they can charge.

Sometimes we can allow our ego to run so far away with us that we lose sight of reality. The Panthers were served a big piece of Humble Pie after their leader was sacked seven times. With any luck they learned a little humility and will mature into being the best they can be. They are a young team with a lot to learn. Perhaps the showboating can be curbed until after winning the big one.

Image result for cam newton post super bowl behavior

When you allow your ego to be your shadow, you block your own light.

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