W.T.F. – Smarter than Silly

You never know what you’ll get with a Tina Fey film. Could be risky. It might be too silly or raunchy to be worth the time. So, I saw this hoping it wouldn’t take a wrong turn, and was pleasantly surprised. They kept it straight by surrounding Fey’s Clueless Kim with smarter characters in-the-know.

Kim has no experience as a field journalist when she’s pressured into an assignment in Afghanistan. Off the plane, she’s as lost as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, and I worried that a couple of her bone-headed moves might send the plot down Cheap Laugh Lane. It did not. After a rocky start, Kim learns fast with a lot of help from a sympathetic General (Billy Bob Thornton), a local fixer/translator who protects her from her American ignorance, and a couple of fellow reporters (Martin Freeman, Margot Robbie) who have become addicted to the adrenaline-filled lifestyle.

Kim adopts a “When in Rome” attitude to fit into the booze-soaked nightly ritual of her peers.  Even though a situation or two wouldn’t have occurred in real life, Kim manages to wise up and earn a little respect out of sheer tenacity, proving that a woman can step out of her comfort zone and survive in spite of being dealt a lousy hand.

I love when a film exceeds my expectations. This is one of Fey’s better performances and worth a look.



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