Awareness Accountability


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This morning I opened my Facebook feed to be slapped in the face with a horrific video of animal abuse filmed for the purpose of being offensive. I’m well aware of my FB friend’s intention – to raise awareness on the issue of animal abuse. Other friends have posted similar videos with the same intention. But there was a very important element missing: suggestions on how to take action.

I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to abusing power over any creature  – animal, vegetable, mineral – that is rendered powerless to defend itself. This morning’s video was so stomach-turning that I nearly lost my breakfast on my laptop. It left me in shock with feelings of revulsion and rage, leaving me with no idea what to do with them. An emotional day-wrecker! I had a busy day planned and now had to get calm enough to go ahead in a sickened emotional state.

I’m all for championing causes and raising awareness for issues that might be unknown to others, but what good does it do to point out an atrocity but not offer a call to action? I wanted to ask the friend, “What are you doing to change it? Maybe I can join you.” How can anyone post something horrifying and just move on with their day?

If you can’t offer a solution or call to action, then what good is raising awareness to begin with? I think you take a horror and create something positive if you offer a list of ideas to help change the situation: organizations to donate your time and money, authorities to write or report the injustice, or an event you are organizing to raise funds or awareness.

Be accountable for the energy of what you post on all outlets of the internet. Otherwise, you are only creating more of the same by passing it along.Of course, the world is not all rainbows and unicorns. But nothing will change if no one takes action.

Champion the change that you wish to see instead of just pointing it out.  Lead, don’t lean.

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Looking for the unicorn?

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