Make Peace This Season

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The traffic sucks. The stores are a mess. Toddlers are whining. Lines are long because there are too few registers open. Relatives are demanding to know if or when you are arriving, while completely ignoring the fact you have three other stops the same day. Everyone is in their own little head space. There are dozens of preparations to tick off your to-do list. Last minute scrambling seems to spawn more.

And you can’t wait until the craziness is over so you can have some peace.

Create peace in your own little corner of the world just by being peaceful. You don’t have to take any of the trappings so seriously. You may get generic gifts or none at all. Even if nothing goes as planned you can chose to remain calm. The best gift you can give yourself and others is peaceful energy.

As hard as people work to create the “perfect” holiday, they forget that what they consider to be perfect may not be anyone else’s vision. No one remembers perfection. The standout moments are when things go awry.

The roast beast doesn’t cook because the oven isn’t getting hot enough.

The cat chews up something on the tree and vomits all over the house.

The coveted toy malfunctions and burns a hole in the carpet.

The relative who won’t let you alone about your failures drinks the spiked eggnog and becomes worthy of a payback posting on YouTube.

Go toward the holiday river of chaos with a light heart and resolve to not let anyone or anything get to you. You can be the life preserver others cling to for stability in the unstable (even hostile) environment. Make peace by being peaceful. Others may not remember it or thank you for it, but you can change the energy of their holiday (and yours) tremendously.

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Happy Holidays everyone! Emphasis on Happy.


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