Help Is A Two-Way Street

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Woodstock is a bird. Birds love rain! He probably didn’t ask Snoopy for help staying dry.

Help requires permission. A person needs to ask for the help they’d like to receive. A pet needs to allow help to be dispensed. If someone is not of sound mind, they still need to cooperate to receive assistance.

My sister had a recent encounter with a woman who offered her emotional help when she had no idea that there was a need. Basically, this woman projected her own desire to prove herself helpful by suggesting to my sister an unrecognized problem. You can imagine how this went over. Nothing feels better than someone pointing out a problem you didn’t know you had. The woman went on to explain that since she had reached the highest level of spirituality, being a Buddist, she was equipped to help.

To my mind, the highest level of spirituality is death. And I’ve never heard the Dalai Llama tell people how spiritually evolved he was so he that could better insert himself into a problem.

Help requires trust. Trust requires rapport. To build rapport, safety should be offered.

I’ve never easily asked for help. I was raised in a DIY mindset. But I’m learning. And I’m also learning not to shove my way into another’s mess when help was not requested. Sometimes people need to learn how to help themselves, which helps others mind their own business.

I came across this very topic early on my FB feed this morning. How helpful!

“Help is the sunny side of control.” Anne Lamott

If you’d like to listen to her 15 minute Ted Talk, it’s more about life than the writing title suggests.

Intro, Television

Ghost Team – review

When is the last time you saw a decent contemporary movie without adult language and sex?

This low-budget film didn’t get any great reviews, probably because it wasn’t full of FX or what the industry considers to be high-concept. The plot was simple and solid if you stuck with it.

Our hero wants to break the mind-numbing monotony of his print shop job. Specifically, he wants to capture evidence of paranormal activity for a contest to get on a popular ghost hunting show. But he can’t do it alone, and doesn’t have any equipment. He manages to recruit other loser types to help, one of whom helps borrow/shoplift the equipment from the big box store where he works.

Following procedures from the television show (ingeniously fictionalized by a couple of the actual Ghost Hunters), the clueless team investigates a dilapidated property owned by one of the copy guy’s customers, without permission.

I won’t spoil anything except to say that all the paranormal activity they capture leads them to a far more dangerous discovery. And it takes every member of the team facing their insecurities and weaknesses to help them get out alive.

If you watch any of the ghost-hunting shows, you’ll enjoy the parallels without having to suffer through gratuitous sex and language.





June Has Gone to the . . . Bears?

I have been MIA this month learning DIY publishing.  I won’t bore you with details. I will only say that I had no idea that this morning I would find my ebook had been released when I thought I had a preview window.

Life happens while you’re making other plans, right? I can bear it because it’s a perfect time for a rock and roll beach read.

Here’s the link. :

FREE right now if you have Kindle Unlimited. And if you do, please don’t forget to post a review afterward. I would really love and appreciate that.

I had hoped to have a print book ready to release at the same time, but Amazon had other ideas. I’ll return to regular scheduled posts once I have released that into the wild.

Hope your summer is cooking nicely with food, fun, and frivolity.



Study of the Features of Out-of-Body Experiences

The results of this study are fascinating to me.


Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone

In a recent publication I reported, with Nancy L. Zingrone, a study of out-of-body experiences: “Features of out-of-body experiences: Relationships to frequency, wilfulness and previous knowledge about the experience” (Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 2015, 79, 98-111). Here is the abstract:

“This study examined the relationship to other variables of a count of features of out-of-body experiences (OBEs), compiled as an OBE Feature Index. Following Blackmore’s (1984b) psychological model of OBEs it was predicted that there would be positive correlations between the Index and measures of OBE frequency and of deliberate OBEs. We also predicted a positive relationship between the Index and previous knowledge about the experience. Eighty-eight OBE cases were obtained through appeals in newspapers, magazines, and on-line bulletin boards in Great Britain. OBE features were comparable to previous study findings. Some…

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Interview with Steve Di Schiavi

Nice, no-nonsense interview from an open-minded skeptic. The key to finding the truth? Research.


Today I’m welcoming Steve Di Schiavi, co-host of The Travel Channel’s exciting show, The Dead Files. Thank you, Steve for stopping by!

Sheila ~ Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Steve ~ I was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY to 1st generation Italian parents…I served 3 years in the USMC after being asked to leave HS.. lol, honorably discharged and joined the NYPD, spent almost 22 years retiring from the Manhattan North Homicide Squad…

Sheila~ How did you get to become the co-host of the hit television series, The Dead Files?

Steve ~ ABC News filmed a documentary called NYPD 24/7 that was acclaimed and won an Emmy.. I was the featured detective in the 1st executive saw it and I was asked if I would be interested in doing television…

Sheila ~ What’s it like working with Amy Allan?

Steve ~ She amazes me every…

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Ghosts and the Like for Christmas: William T. Stead’s Real Ghost Stories

Wholeheartedly agree with his view” “the most careful and reverent spirit, and level-headed” actually practicing hypnosis and spiritualism. Dabbling can unleash a swarm of problems.


Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

William T. Stead William T. Stead

The well-known English writer, editor and spiritualist William T. Stead (1849-1912), who published magazines such as the London-based  Review of Reviews, published in 1891 a special Review of Reviews 1891Christmas edition of the Review entitled Real Ghost Stories that he edited himself. The publication, available here, had two sections entitled “The Ghost that Dwells in Each of Us,”and “The Census of Hallucinations,”as well as eleven chapters about psychic phenomena, most of which were about apparitional phenomena of different sorts, and an appendix: “Some Historical Ghosts.”

Stead Real Ghost Stories 3

The following are illustrations of the first page of some of the chapters.

Stead Real Ghost Stories Chapter 1

Stead Real Ghost Stories Chapter 5

Stead Real Ghost Stories Chapter 10

Stead Real Ghost Stories Appendix Some Historical Ghosts

Stead opened stating: “Many people will object — some have already objected—to the subject of this Christmas Number. It is an offence to some to take a ghost too seriously; with others it is a still greater offence not to…

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31 Days of Spook – Colonial Park Cemetery

Another great heads-up from my friend, Bacon. Best ghost footage I’ve seen.


Hello ghouls and ghosts – Mom/dad vacation yearly in historic Savannah, Georgia, I thought today I would focus on a wonderful cemetery in Savannah. Mom/dad have been here often and walked among the graves and tombstones… and perhaps some living and unliving. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The cemetery I’m focusing on today is the Colonial Park Cemetery. It was established in 1750 and has been restored. It is located at the corner of Abercorn and Oglethorpe Streets in Savannah, Georgia. What an amazing archway they have to enter into the cemetery. This cemetery is amazing – so mom/dad says – snorts. I wouldn’t know first hoove but mom/dad did give me a lot of information by phone last night.

There are over 10,000 people buried here; however, there are only around 1,000 grave markers. Many people were buried in mass graves, others have had their grave markers knocked over…

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